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An Offshore Digital Marketing Delivery Team

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How much do businesses spend on digital marketing? The apt answer would be; ‘it totally depends on your budget’. U.S Small Business Administration in a study-based report suggests that 7% to 8% of the gross revenue of a business should be spent on marketing, 50% of the total budget should be set apart for digital marketing and in 2020, a total of 55% should be kept aside for various marketing stunts.

Well, it is not possible for small or medium scaled organizations to save huge amount just for the marketing purpose and at the same time towards the other side of the spectrum, there are businesses spending too much, exceeding the budget limits. What can be a fix? Practically, an offshore digital marketing team can help in striking a balance.

Check on the internet, which is the most ideal offshore destination to get your digital marketing projects done, the topmost search results will be showing you the answer as ‘India’. Various relevant surveys around the globe suggest that 80% of organizations in the U.K and USA, choose India as their favourite offshore hub for digital marketing. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) reported that most of the fortune 500 companies choose India to outsource their work. The cost factor is just one part of it while reasons vary from having a favourable government policy to fast-developing infrastructure and a talented workplace. Here are the top reasons.


Digital Marketing

An Offshore Digital Marketing Delivery Team

Reasonable Costing and Flexibility

India possesses a pool of smart professionals who are ready to take up outsourcing projects at reasonable prices. An average yearly salary of a digital marketing specialist in the USA is anywhere in-between $32,422 to $66,814, meanwhile one can access an entire pool of digital-marketing expertise at a much lesser cost.

Some of the top digital-marketing brains are from India; Akib Ahamed, Sorav Jain, Prasant Naidu, Digital Pratik, Deepak Kanakaraju and their works are indicative of reliability, accessibility and competitive edge Indian digital marketers have over others. So, it is not because they lack the talent, but their ability to complete tasks and strategize authentically impress the businesses beyond the boundaries.


High-Quality Services

The growth of digital marketing in India is at a rate of 25% to 40% annually indicates various studies. Unlike a decade before, digital marketing experts are not the ones evolved from working as a traditional practitioner, the new digital marketers either have put effort to learn the subject in its depth or have completed a training program or a course. The quality of the DM projects completed by the Indian professionals is equal to the work produced by a westerner, also they keep updated on the progress of global digital innovations and stick on to the globally accepted principles.


Better Risk Management

Indian professionals are often criticized for their lack of time management skills, but to compensate the defamation shame they are widely popular for their risk management capacity. Given a chance, they would withstand a hurdle and turn it to create positive outcomes. One can entrust a complicated digital-marketing project to an India and watch them getting broken down to a simpler solution.


Global Citizenship

In many countries, Indians adorn top leadership positions and some of them are the most favourite CEOs of global companies. One reason can be their faster grip over languages; however, another major reason is their tolerance level for other culture, traditions and lifestyle. Cross every border of the Indian states, you will see that a new language is spoken, new food is being prepared and a varied way of articulating emotions is embraced. In schools, most Indian children learn 3 to 4 languages, one among it is the global language, ‘English’.

Many businesses outsource their tasks to Indian taking this global factor into consideration. An Indian National can totally own a communication in a foreign language, tolerate diverse opinions, take faster decisions, get adapted to better environment and strike a cultural connection with anyone from a faraway land.


Before Deciding To Outsource To India, Set The Expectations Right

If your mission for the next year is to generate ‘x’ amount of revenue without compromising on your valuable time and comfort, outsourcing to India would be the coolest option. Some of the world’s best digital marketing agencies operate from this country. Discover a new kind of freedom by outsourcing all your digital marketing projects to these agencies. However, there are certain pointers to keep in mind before deciding to fix India as your offshore destination.

  • Find the right and reliable agency that provides digital marketing services. Most agencies provide an endless list of services; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Online Reputation Management, PPC campaign management, Lead Generation Campaign, Link Building, Content Writing Services and much more. A client would have to share the login password details of highly sensitive portals, gateways and websites; if it goes to the wrong hands in a totally different country, things can go really bad.
  • Understand the time zone differences; delineate and assign tasks accordingly. Make sure the agency you have outsourced the work is functioning 24/7 for avoiding any future inconvenience.
  • Establish a strong communication channel with your agency or the virtual assistant in India. Improve your communication abilities.
  • Prepare for anything that you would find inside the Pandora’s box. Anything can go wrong, so decide on how much information you would want to reveal, money you want to spend and people you want to deal with.
  • Most importantly, question yourself again- ‘Do you have to outsource?’ or ‘What positivity can outsource to India bring to your business!” Act knowing the pulse of your organization.

Outsource your digital marketing tasks to a reliable agency in India, while you concentrate on your primary business tasks. For any further queries on considering India as your offshore outsourcing location or knowing more about digital marketing tasks that you can outsource, write to us:  

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