Why does the future of the virtual assistant industry look bright?

Why does the future of the virtual assistant industry look bright?

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Gone are the days when smartphones were merely used for calling and chatting. With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, technology has moved to newer heights. Virtual assistants are one such industry that has found inclusion is not just in the smartphone industry but the automobile industry as well.

In 2019, the global Virtual assistant Industry has exceeded $90 billion.

Study shows that almost one-third of the US population is engaged with virtual assistance. Direct chats, automated texts, voice chats are getting well known each day. Most people resort to communicating via virtual assistance than human interaction. The future is moving towards a digital environment, and workflow will be entirely constructed to work digitally. Ideally, because the current generation lives in an Omni-channel world wherein services begin and end on a digital channel.

Virtual assistants make personalized services transform to a newer level. It is predicted that over $3.5 billion will be spent on virtual personal assistants by both the business and consumer industries. Consumers have been exposed to virtual tools by technologies that come with Amazon products like Alexa, Echo, and Google services that incorporate OK Google and Apple company aligned with HomePod and Siri.

It is expected that VA tools will train over 25% of workers by 2025. This is high because more and more employee interactions will be communicated via VAs and tools.

Many industries have also initiated using conversational AI to offer greater viability to the end customers with a stronger impact. Such AI-driven virtual assistants will benefit companies dealing with sales, marketing, and customer services.

With the pandemic making businesses and enterprises go on the digital floor, conversational AI and cloud computing have become essential for advanced platforms mostly offered by companies like Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud. However, these companies have gone beyond voice and chat automation and look to incorporate AI for innovating newer applications.

Virtual assistant industry and AI

Having a real-time automated service is far better than a prolonged connection and revert time. Assistants have given end customers to proclaim their fidelity to the special augmentation of workflow and customer services. Assistants have worked beyond smartphones and automobile companies, and it’s prominent that these tools will be effectively incorporated into companies dealing with marketing, sales, production, and manufacture.

Because only 20% of the workforce in every industry communicates with the audience, Assistants will make these interactions effective by training this smaller portion of the force. In addition, these tools will drive sales, lead conversations, provide software follow-ups, download essential content and even work with the end-user experience.

Technologies related to providing services to other industries will become highly prominent if they embrace virtual assistants due to the customized and differentiated experiences this tool will enable the serving companies to provide.

Is a virtual assistant the need of the hour?

Many industries were overburdened with queries and real-time help during the initial COVID-19 pandemic scenario. During these difficult times, most companies resorted to switching to visual assistants that would work 24/7 with constant customer engagement. However, such situations are not promised in the future, but they can arise. Hence, industries should be prepared with virtual assistant services that cater to their audience irrespective of their location.

Virtual assistants will increase the efficiency of your employees. For example, when asked to select between planning strategies and making reports, employees choose the former because reports are too monotonous. Such repetitive work can be given to the virtual assistants to make your employees focus on the productive part.

Virtual assistants will also reduce the overall expense. Companies can outsource their work at a lower price instead of employing full-time workers for the same job at an increased price. This will also lead to saving training time and cost.

Where can you find virtual assistants?

Several companies are highly efficient in providing virtual assistant services at your doorstep. One such company is Outsorce2Ossisto.com that explicitly works towards proving virtual assistants. Browse through their site to check out all that they have for you to excel in your field. Perhaps, they understand that everyone requires a touch of technology.


Virtual assistants can be humans or tools with diverse work areas, right from administration to personal tasks and content creation. Financial management, social media management, technology, research, and customer service sectors and observing an increased usage of virtual assistants lately. Industries and companies are ever-evolving to win the competitive race; this also requires a set of technologies that lead to the advancement of that industry. A virtual assistant provides that level of advancement and must be incorporated by every business to reach magnitudes.


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