How to hire a data entry assistant?

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How to hire a data entry assistant? 

Growing businesses need to have a data entry assistant to maintain each entry. Data entry clerks input and process data relevant to particular divisions of a company. Here are a couple of tips to assist you in finding efficient data entry candidates and choosing the appropriate hire for the business.

The cost of hiring a data entry assistant in the US is $15.10 hourly, and the typical salaries range from $7.25 to $29.55 hourly. The process of recording the data is fun for some people but not for all. Most people wish to delegate, re-assign. The Good news is that there are many ways to achieve this without getting heavy on your pocket. Needless to say that you have to take the reins yourself and understand how to assign tasks.

Few important points to remember:

Time management, quality, cost; these elements are essential to run your business smoothly. These are the main reasons why someone hires a data entry help. Having a virtual data entry clerk who can work remotely will be great for the business. This format enables you to delegate the work, but you can have a highly skilled person who knows Microsoft Excel to do the job more effectively. As a result, money, time, and a lot of effort are saved, hence a more profitable business.

Tasks of a data entry assistant:

Fact checks and evaluates all inbound and outbound information and data for accuracy.

File and index data.

Study all input as it associates with the outbound requirement.

Consider your workload and decide what kind of data entry assistant to hire between a full-time vs. freelance data entry clerk.

Essential steps to onboard your virtual assistant:

Create a plan first, and then create a document of all relevant information. Make a plan for managing your business and then plan to hire a data entry assistant. Every detail precisely plans and assigns tasks to the data entry clerk to handle.

Looking at your list of tasks, you will know what skills are required to suit your business. Create a statement of all relevant information a virtual data entry assistant will require. Most importantly, ensure to use a password service like Lastpass for your business. Keeping All appropriate information in one place is a very good idea.

This process can be a bit overwhelming initially, too many things you have to decide. Hiring a data entry assistant is a good decision. It’s a humongous task to handle each manual data entry task yourself, specifically for the enterprises while growing. Delegation of the tasks can save you a lot of time and effort. Delegating via outsourcing has reached an industry worth billions upon billions of dollars. Many people find it quite rewarding and successful and become an integral part of the business.

How do you successfully assign the data entry task?

Delegating tasks implies assigning tasks to someone, giving them the responsibility to complete work in a prescribed time. You barely share a lesson and let them finish the job. But everyone doesn’t get it right the first time. You might want to avoid a learning curve to save time.

Keys to ensure your delegation goes smoothly:

According to a study, most business owners acknowledge that they can expand their business by more than 20% if they assign tasks 10% of the workload. It’s a process; you have to have trust and patience. An efficient data entry expert is an asset to the business. More efficacy and hard work with sincerity are directly proportional to profits in the industry. You have to work through the mistakes. To err is human, but maintain high standards of work quality.

Make sure not to bend the criteria to make the process easier. Make sure to concentrate on error-free and high-quality data entry results. You will have to set clear expectations that your data entry job must be performed in a particular way. You have to allow an adjustment period since everyone has to adjust, even the skilled ones. Have a Meeting with your data entry assistant, create a workflow, and start assigning tasks you want to get done from a data entry expert.


Enterprises need data entry experts; nowadays, virtual data entry help is more in demand as most businesses are online and can be done remotely. You need to know your requirements specifically then; only you would be able to handle a data entry help efficiently and take required work from him. Peace of mind, more time to devote to your business you get when you hire a data entry assistant. However, you have to be patient and skillful in assigning tasks.

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