5 Steps to a Lead-Generating Content Marketing Strategy

Lead-Generating Content Marketing

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There are multitudes of ways in which businesses can generate leads using content marketing strategy.  There would be only very less ‘Generation-Z’ individuals who are not aware of digital marketing concepts, lead generation or content marketing. So, this blog is not touching nuances of these modern concepts. Straight forward, read about how to use keywords and the other trending content scheme to generate leads.

Lead Generation Trends

In simple terms, a lead is a potential sales contact. In the pre-internet era, there were just fewer options to find clients, convince and convert them. A majority chose cold calling. However, with the advancement of technology, the options for marketers expanded leading to slower conversions.

Converting prospects into lead via a landing page is the most traditional way to nurture business leads. Email marketing and content marketing falls into this list in succession.  One of the top most priorities set by B2B marketers these days is to lay lead magnets using great content. Here, in this case too, ‘Content can be a king’.  Just that, one has to explore various possibilities.

Some of the interesting statistics suggest that the major challenge will always be finding newer ways to use the content. First, because most marketers use content marketing as a prominent lead generation tactic, so by default the competition will be tight, killing hopes even before rolling out a plan. Second, not everyone can create powerful, attractive content. A very interesting statistic says that ‘over 409 million people read more than 20 billion pages on WordPress each month in 2020’ (Source: techjury.net) This is for blogs alone.  For a winning set of stratagem, one needs to have a thorough knowledge on how to create content, which platform to use, and ways to bait leads.

Effective Ways in Which Content Marketing Strategy Would Foster Strong Leads  

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If you approach a master content creator or a content specialist, suggestion on how to create an effective content with clear-cut lead generation intention will have one or the entire following concepts in it.

  • Create original content
  • Share interesting facts
  • Give away content that solves a problem
  • Innovate interactive content

In a sea of mediocrity; having a grip over creating bigger, bolder and braver content is relevant. Perhaps, one should know it even before understanding how to use content for generating quality leads. It is not about using tough terms, B2B Jargons or using complex sentences. It is about balancing simplicity and elegance. Once you know the trick of content creation then the next step is to identify the ways to use it.  Entailed below are a couple of them that actually works for all the businesses.


Content can be carved into beautiful magnets to attract readership and new prospects. The major lead magnets used by B2B businesses are eBooks and newsletters. However, depending upon the production strength of an organization, there is no end to content innovation. Quizzes, videos, webinars, and courses, there are many ways to use the content as lead generation magnets.


A digital copy of comprehensive information with regards to an organization’s service offerings can be termed as an eBook. There is a huge scope for using content in attracting prospects while creating an eBook. From choosing a topic on current trends to incorporating an appropriate call-to-action button at the end of the book, the opportunities are vast in comparison with a blog or a newsletter.

An eBook opens windows of opportunity to add more keywords, give more explanation to the client’s problems, suggest more solutions, show comparison charts and even subtly convince the right audience on why to buy the product or avail the service is the need of the hour. But the content should be relevant, valuable, unique and detailed. The reach of an EBook will also depend on how one is promoting it. Promotion can be done through emails, newsletters or even social media platforms. Making it a free download on a website might give it more visibility but lead conversion depends totally on what is provided inside the eBook.


A monthly newsletter can garner leads by giving a company’s unresponsive subscribers more reasons to come back. Everything is written in a newsletter matter; a benefit-driven subject line, a rightly set call to action button, and strongly set objectives. Above anything, the use of keywords is crucial. The right choice of keywords when distributed equally within the content of a newsletter can attract and convert potential prospects. Attractive content will talk out loud for a company’s expertise. However, the concern here is how to innovate around newsletters. Email newsletters receive an open rate of 22%, which might look grim at the first glance but it is a fair decent probability to reach out to future clients and customers. 

All one has to do is not to forget to place a single effective call to action button supplemented with actionable words like, ‘subscribe’, ‘buy now’, ‘click here to read more’, etc.


Getting your content on a 3rd party site that has better visibility in your industry than yours can be termed as content syndication. It is a great opportunity to nurture leads.  As a starter, you might not get much readership for the content on your website. To get the right exposure, take the content to a 3rd party platform. What needs to be taken care of is to create memorable content rightly stuffed with SEO keywords and links back to your website. A new business needs an introduction and the best place to do this is where the people crowd, or in this case on a platform that has an upper voice and hold of people.


By understanding what is trending in your industry and what people are searching online, keywords can be listed. These keywords can be further used in relevant content to gain attention from the prospects. Here, keyword research is indispensable. Using Keywords for lead generation comes under the broad term of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website. Using keywords is one of the tactics among 100s of ways in optimizing the search results. 

Finding keywords needs patience and optimizing them requires the right knowledge. It is always better to get assisted by a digital marketing expert to find right practices and to have confidence in rolling out a strategy. Want to have a total guide in keyword utilization? Have a conversation with an Ossisto expert today at absolutely no charge.  

Lead generation using content demands constant, versatile and focused goal-achieving tactics.  Great content infused with original research and insights will always have the behest of the right people. According to Fearless Competitor, outsourcing lead generation gives better results. The report indicates that businesses can see 43% better results in lead generation by relying on an agency. This is because lead generation calls for professionals’ time and undivided attention for faster and better results. Small agencies can seldom afford to have specialists and professionals exclusive to do single tasks.

Lesser the workforce in an organization, more the number of people forced to multi-task. Digital marketing professionals cannot afford to multitask outside the domain due to high work volume. All along the journey of an individual becoming a delighted customer of your business, there lies a scope for utilizing content magnets. Never stop testing and innovating around the various channels available today.

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