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Linkedin Page Optimization

Are you a virtual assistant? Or are you running a virtual assistance firm? If yes, it is high time to have a quality LinkedIn page to grab the right opportunity at the right time. Most businesses out there are checking LinkedIn profiles to find the right virtual assistance provider or personal assistant. According to foundation inc.co, it is one of the most popular social media platforms among Fortune 500 companies. Well, who doesn’t want to get a project from 1 such company? So, if you are in the virtual assistant market, it is high time to optimize your LinkedIn page. Let this Ossisto blog be your guideline in creating the best page on the LinkedIn platform. Read On.

Each feature of the LinkedIn platform should be understood in a proper way in order to complete a full profile in an impressive way. If you check online, you would find umpteen tips on how to create a stellar profile. So, the first step is to find the time to update the current profile you have or to create a new one; in case you are new to this platform. Beginners should fathom the idea of using this professional networking site to connect with approximately 45 million LinkedIn users as bliss and let the top companies know that you exist to be found, contacted, connected, and given the right VA projects.

On research, I stumbled upon an effective blog on learnhowtobecome.org titled ‘the Ultimate Guide to Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile’. Do not forget to follow their blog and kick-start your professional search. However, this Ossisto blog is for those VAs and VA firms that already have an account and want to know the reasons why you should optimize it.

Reasons Why a Virtual Assistant Should Have an optimized LinkedIn page

Why a Virtual Assistant Should Have an optimized LinkedIn page,

1. Completing each and every section of the profile matters because searchers give priority to the statuses that get ‘All-Star’.

All-star status is conferred to those accounts that complete all the sections without leaving out any details. Users with complete profiles are likely to get noticed by the relevant clients and professionals 40 times better than others. One should be keen while updating the profile picture, writing the headline, bolstering up experiences, skills & endorsements, showing the connections, providing education, industry & location details, and summarizing the bio. LinkedIn would give you an All-star status if these factors are given utmost priority.

PROFILE PIC: The pic should be formal, recent, clear and inviting.

HEADLINE: A short introduction with the right keyword would be a perfect choice. Keywords that a VA can use are Virtual personal Assistant, Virtual Administration Support, Virtual Secretarial Services and many more. Basically, one should be clear while stating what he or she is good at.


In less than 200 words, detail your most relevant experiences working for various organizations and projects. If you are a student or have no relevant work experience; try detailing your passion, talent, skills, and your reason for why you opted to be a VA or chose to provide VA services.


While mentioning the skills, one should include both general and specialized skill sets. The must-have VA skills can be anything that ranges from word processing skills to writing skills to effective decision making to anything that a person searching for you should know. The major skill that you possess can be used as a keyword in your job summary and titles.

INDUSTRY, LOCATION, EDUCATION: Filling these spaces may be easy, but it is a must to gain an ‘All-Star’ status.


Get 50 relevant connections. Yeah, that is all that you require.

2. Make your LinkedIn profile SEO optimized.

You will be easily found by the right people if your profile is SEO optimized. Do a little research to find the keywords that people use on a regular basis to find out professionals like you on LinkedIn. According to a report published by US News, 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates and how they find are simple, they use the relevant keywords.

Use keyword-finding software such as Soovle, Jaaxy or Google Keyword Planner to get the contemporary search words. You will see a sudden increase in traffic to your page if you decide to provide a focused user experience carefully placing keywords on your page.

Do you know that LinkedIn pages are crawled by search engines? So, careful placing of pertinent phrases at the beginning of the first sentence in your bio summary will result in the right visibility in the search engine result lists. Google, for example, will display only up to 156 characters of your page text. It is your rightful duty to phrase meaningful sentences accordingly.

3. Curious searchers for the right profile read the published articles and other feeds.

As a VA or a VA service provider, try to create your own industry-related write-ups. If you are a business, publishing would help you in reaching the right target market and generating better leads. If you are an individual, publishing would help in establishing credibility because the article, blog, or any other collateral that you create silently showcases your in-depth knowledge in a particular subject. However, LinkedIn doesn’t approve everyone to publish articles.

To check whether you are eligible; go into your LinkedIn account and check whether there is a pencil icon on the status box. If the Icon is not present for your profile, it simply means that LinkedIn has not rolled out the publishing feature to your account. All you have to do is to email the customer service or call them up to get an up-gradation of your profile so that you can start publishing.

4. Interacting with professionals on the LinkedIn platform gives VAs more visibility in the market.

Searching, filtering, and the addition of profiles won’t be sufficient. Connecting and conversing with the right people is what gives a competitive edge. Participate in discussions or comment on relevant posts published by subject matter expertise, and the conversations should be in a genuine way. Check the profile at least once a day, to make sure all the messages are read. Message back on time, so that you don’t miss out on opportunities. It is understandable that LinkedIn is not something that everybody enjoys until one day, the person is desperate to find the right candidate or a job. Chances won’t find you, it should be done the other way around.

Like any other profession, if you are in the Virtual Assistance Sector; follow good practices in expanding your network of professionals. Peggy Cho, a digital marketing professional working with AppSally wrote underneath a Quora question ‘How can I increase my LinkedIn connections?’, “I am assuming that you already know that the number of connections you have on LinkedIn actually matters. Remember, the more first-degree connections you have, the more second- and third-degree connections you have, making you literally one connection away from millions of people.

Your profile will look more established and worthy when you have 500+ connections. That means more people will accept your invitations and groups will grant you access easier!” This shows the importance of networking. The network is the quintessence of LinkedIn. In the upcoming year, give more importance to your profile page and get discovered.

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