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Simultaneously managing multiple tasks and projects is easier said than done, especially for businesses with a little workforce and budget to hire individuals. Not to mention how this tight schedule leaves one with little to no creativity, reduced productivity, stress, exhaustion, and poor performance at the end of the day.

Though the scenario has been the same for decades now, the solutions sure have enhanced with virtual assistants in the frame.

Virtual assistants have made it easier for businesses and individuals to outsource a part of their workload to someone already experienced and professional, ensuring work quality, timely delivery of projects, performance, and much more. However, the real struggle is not hiring a VA; rather, it is deciding what tasks to outsource to the virtual assistant to maximize your resources.

The following article brings a solution to this precise dilemma with a step to step guide below. So, let’s get started –

Make a task list

Whether it is your daily schedule, studying routine, or even just managing tasks at work, everything can make good use of a written list. Since the prime reason for hiring virtual assistants is to reduce the workload, writing the tasks that seem most time-consuming and demanding is a good start at determining what to outsource.

After you are done writing every task down, price them according to the rates you are willing to pay for it while also deciding on the level of expertise you will require for a certain task from the VA. Doing so will help you decide what the manageable tasks are and what are best outsourced, including the concern if it is worth outsourcing for the price, helping you not invest further and look at alternatives in case it is not.

Ask yourself these questions

If you have written down all the possible tasks, chances are you have a long list in your hands by now. But you certainly cannot, do not have to, or even want to outsource all of these tasks, so how is it that you decide? Well, the simple one-step answer to it is to categorize, for which you will need to ask yourself these four questions –

Category #1 What are some tasks only I can do?

Category #2 What are the tasks I hate doing?

Category #3 What are the tasks I do not know how to do and will have to learn?

Category #4 What are the tasks I barely have time to do?

Answers to them will leave you with four categories of tasks that will set your priorities straight but ensure you plug in all duties into the categories, not leaving anything behind. These categories will also make you aware of the tasks that truly need your attention, as well as those that will just drain your energy and focus.

Plan your budget

Everyone wants to make the most out of their resources and making a budget plan for your virtual assistants will help you exactly with that. It allows you to stick and negotiate rates with the future virtual assistant, ensuring that you stick to the budget and don’t go overboard with expenses.

If you do not plan the budget well, hiring a VA will not benefit you and your business goals. Therefore, it is important to know why did you hire a VA in the first place instead of a full-time employee, that is, to minimize the costs and boost productivity.

However, making a budget does not mean stating unrealistic rates. Instead, one must properly plan a budget through factors like data, market rates, level of expertise you expect, etc.

The SOPs, expertise, and expectations

Following the procedure is important, no matter what it is that you are doing. But while you are aware of your businesses’ standard operation procedure, how do you make sure the Virtual assistant is also? You guessed it right; making yet another list is the way to go.

Make a clear, brief, and helpful list of tasks running your business operation, including how each task must be ideally carried out and the impact it has on your business and functioning. It will help the VA to understand the work requirements easily and efficiently, boosting their performance and productivity.

And, while you are at it, you must as well make little notes of the time frame each task takes in contrast to when you do it and when you outsource it to a VA. Though it may not seem much of value at the moment, it will assist your business in the long run.

Similarly, apart from SOPs, let the VA you are hiring be aware of the expertise you desire in the project and your performance expectations to ensure that your time and resources will be worth it in the end.


Virtual assistants sure have made things manageable not just for businesses or entrepreneurs but also a variety of other individual needs, considering the wide range of services they deliver.

However, choosing a good VA service such as perhaps becomes the most important of all steps for good results and high-end performance. Make sure that you are clear of your goals, and if not, take expert advice on them before making decisions. Happy Scrolling!

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