Reasons to Hire Shopify Virtual Assistants to Help With Your Store

Shopify Virtual Assistants,Virtual Assistant,digital marketing,Shopify VA’s

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Some of us are just not cut out for a traditional 9 to 5.

And maybe that’s why, you decided to set up shop on Shopify to propel your entrepreneurial business or side hustle, if you will.

But there’s a problem here.

You just don’t have the time to oversee the operations or worse pay enough attention to core business decisions. Probably because as a business rookie, you’re being stretched in all directions.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. And fortunately (again) there’s a good solution to this.

Yes, Shopify virtual assistants a godsend to all budding and current entrepreneurs out here. But that doesn’t mean it makes it easier or you to look into certain details. So, what do you do then?

The answer is simple, hire a Shopify virtual assistant.

But first…

Who is a Shopify virtual assistant?

A Shopify virtual assistants are those professionals who work remotely or offshore on various projects as delegated by their clients that either do or do not belong to the same geographical location.

Companies of all sizes outsource task to them because they are:

  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • And specialists at their niche industry

But there’s more.

Given their experience in a certain industry, they’d also be privy to the latest technology and resources that will benefit their clients in scaling their business.

What is a Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Without hiring an employee in your company, you can hire virtual assistant on contract basis, who will take care of your daily shopify store online tasks. They can work from anywhere in the world and for multiple clients. You can hire on per day or per week or per month basis.

What you can outsource to Shopify Virtual Assistant?

Preparing product feed, prepare images for uploading on shopify server and assign on products, watermarking images, creating collections, data entry for products and collections, inventory review reports, order processing,. Not only shopify related tasks, you can assign analyse competition website, finding new products for your store and many more tasks which can help you grow rapidly.

Why you should hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant?

As you know – we are expert in all shopify tasks, no need to give training and spend your time, Every morning just share the list of tasks, and your virtual assistant will perform all the assigned tasks.

Speaking of Shopify Virtual assistant specifically, what reason or rather what tasks can you hand over to them to get optimum results?

Shopify Virtual Assistants,Virtual Assistant,digital marketing,Shopify VA’s

List Tasks That You Can Outsource to Shopify Virtual Assistants

  • Product Listing
  • Product Sourcing Agent
  • Designer
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design & Developing
  • Content Writing
  • Photographer
  • shopify virtual assistant to Comment on Reviews
  • Finance and Invoice tracking

Well, they are:

Product Listing

Having hands on experience in your business, nothing ever goes without your knowledge. Yes, but you still need help, don’t you? The same goes for product listing. Though you will have a rough idea on the technicalities, you’d still need a Shopify virtual assistants to give you a hand or better, use their experience to fine tune your current listing process and imbibe the latest technology.

Product Sourcing Agent

For a product driven entrepreneurial business, it goes without saying that your knowledge in product research is essential.

A Shopify virtual assistants in this case would know just how to negotiate to get the best deals, know which product will drive the most profit or rather have a knack for identifying “in-demand” products etc. (shopify virtual assistant)


We’ve deliberately left this subheading ambiguous because it’s not just one kind of designer you’d need, but several. For instance, you’d need a graphic designer to make your product images stand out with their image editing skills and you’d need a store designer who through visual communication help your store look presentable and attractive to your prospective customers.

Inventory Management

Managing and overseeing your inventory is one of the most tedious tasks, even more so for a business owner. The worse that can happen is to have your customers’ demands not met by running out of products.

Hence, a virtual assistant in this case, will do all that for you, without you having to break a sweat.

Order Management

When your business picks up and you start having the orders coming in fast, you wouldn’t know what to do and chances of you hitting the panic button is pretty high. At times like this, you’d wish you had someone who can be a reliable partner in helping you out here. And that partner is none other than a virtual assistant.

Customer Service

Any given business on the planet, be it service or product based, is bound to receive customer queries, feedback and grievances.

But then you might not have the skill to manage your customer’s several responses.  A shopify virtual assistant on the other hand, does.

Being experts that they are, they will manage and respond to every single inquiry that your business will come across.

Digital Marketing

By digital marketing we mean someone who is well versed in social media, social bookmarking, SEO and email marketing tactics.

If you think setting up your store and sitting back is all you need to do, you’re wrong. You should, rather you MUST dabble in digital marketing practices to get the word out about your shop, which will in turn generate leads and drive sales.

Email Correspondence

One of your everyday tasks as a business owner is browsing through your inbox and responding to personal and business-related emails. What happens when you become busy for 2 days or take a vacation? You are bombarded with pages of unread emails. What if most of those emails are from your customers? Assigning inbox management to an assistant is much better for your business and your sanity.

Website Design & Developing

Why is it important to have both a web developer and a design in tow? Well, simply because it is necessary to have someone who would be great at keeping bugs, links and other online necessities in check.

Content Writing

Content is vital not just to convey information but to do it in a way that is succinct, persuasive and has a personality that perfectly reflects your brand.

What you don’t want is content that makes your customer’s eyes glaze over or worse put up something that’s already been mediocre-ly said and done a million times over, on the internet. Be a little adventurous, a little creative a little edge if you want to stand out. Because a virtual content writer (or any good copywriter for that matter) would know that yes, metrics are important, but sometimes they can only take you so far. 


There is nothing more off-putting than viewing a dull, hazy, unfocused or unclear product image. You might as well not put it up at all. But hiring a photographer goes beyond acquiring a clear picture.

You see, a photographer has a good eye, or atleast trained to have one. Which means he/ she knows the right angles, lighting and ambience a lot better than you and me or anyone else.

Hence, hiring a photographer would help you in capturing the best pictures that are captivating enough to capture the customer’s attention.

shopify virtual assistant to Comment on Reviews

When you have a growing brand, comments about the different products and services you offer can become overwhelming.

It will be good to have a VA who will be able to take care of replying to these comments so your customers know that you care.

Finance and Invoice tracking

Budget and tracking invoices both from vendors and customers have to be so perfect that any slight glitch will have your business tumbling down the hill.

You’d obviously have to hire an additional pair of eyes, just to be sure. And who better to do that other than a virtual assistant?

Shopify Virtual Assistants,Virtual Assistant,digital marketing,Shopify VA’s

Useful Apps and Platforms to Communicate with Your VA

Asana — Create projects and assign them to team members.

Slack — Communicate and collaborate on anything work-related.

Trello — Create dynamic to-do lists.

YouCanBook.Me — Simple and quick way to schedule short meetings.

WhatsApp — Text and chat on the go for free.

Skype — Call across the globe for free.

Google Hangouts — Video call via your google account.

Google Drive — Share files and documents and collaborate on them.


So, you see? There’s a lot that can get done if you just let your guard down, open your mind to alternative options a little and go for a virtual assistant to help with your Shopify store. Because today, given the competition, one can always do good with a little bit of help on the side.

Are you ready to take your store to the next level? Hire us today!

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