Realtors Can Now Make Use Of Social Media For Lead Generation

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Social Media For Lead Generation

This is a blog on how realtors can utilize social media for lead generation, but before going into the details of it, one should understand the psyche of the people and why they use social media platforms. Scientists have proved that withdrawal of social media is fatal, perhaps more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol withdrawal.  Experts say that we post, comment and share because it is a basic human nature to get attracted to the things that generate curiosity in us. The creators of these social media intentionally fabricate elements that generate inquisitiveness.

Today, all the businesses in the hope to make huge visibility, fans following, and conversions; utilize online spaces to garner more customers and gain more conversions. In fact, what is wrong in thinking differently, considering the fact that 3.484 billion people are using the internet in the year 2019. Realtors to have realized that social media is the place where they can do advanced targeting, Read on…

Before anything, for people who don’t understand the meaning of ‘lead’; here is the explanation. Leads are those people who are showing interest in your products or services and are potential prospects. They would have enquired about the products and services through your company’s social media pages or website or through a simple email sent to you. They are like the fishes that have eyed the food on the fishing rod. It is up to the person who is fishing to hook a few of them. Similarly, the sales and marketing teams’ responsibility is to hooks a few clients and convert them to clients favoring their businesses.

A decade ago, real estate agents need to have strong connections with people around to find their leads, now they too can sit in an office space and find their prospects across the world. Think from the customer’s point of view too, the way they are doing research on a subject is changing. Earlier people used to ask their kith and kin on opinions about huge matters like buying a land or a home. Today, they get all the information on the internet. They get comparison charts and pricing differences on a faster note.

This is where the relevance of social media starts. It starts with the way the consumption of information has changed. According to a reliable report, Millennials make 66% of the real estate market share, as they are the first-time home buyers. The same report also showed that 99% of the buyers have moved online to do their part of the research.

In this scenario, the smarter marketers and salesmen in the real estate agencies have found multiple ways to generate leads using social media platforms. From running contests to reactivation campaigns to link targeting to styling Facebook pages like a landing page to dynamic ads feature to Geotargeting to what not. A combination of technology and creativity is used to generate lead.

A true realtor wouldn’t run out of ideas. Some of the great ideas are explained in the following few paragraphs but do not believe that these are the only ones.

Utilize messaging platforms and messengers:

A whopping 97% open rate is recorded for the text messages compared to the emails. The new trend is to send an automated text to the inquiry received in the message boxes. AI incorporated technologies helps realtors in this, it also helps clients improve their searches.  

Try out Facebook Ads:

If you think that Facebook advertisements are a thing of a past, you have underestimated the value of this platform. What makes it special is its cost-effectiveness. It is perhaps one of the cheapest means to generate leads. It’s custom audience feature helps in hyper-targeting an already existing lead. It is also a platform where you can create a local group exclusive for an audience that you decide on. A place where real estate news, ideas, and experiences can be shared. Both Buyers and sellers find Facebook ads useful. So, make a killer Facebook Advertisement by creating content that is truly personal, including an effective video, throwing in some real market insights and statistics & making it hyper-local.

Make use of Google Adwords:

If you think logically, where would a person search first for information related to buying or selling a property or a home? The right and relevant answer would always be ‘in Google’. Realtors can make use of Google Adwords to get more leads, but there is a flip side to this. There are real estate agencies with deep pockets that pay a huge amount for their ads to appear on the top of the first page of Google. So, this might not be a cost-effective option but if you have enough funds, why not!

Get a hang of ‘Agent Neo’:

If you are trying to build a technology-oriented real estate business, try using ‘Agent Neo’. It is a voice-based tool for real estate, it gives away listing to buyers instantaneously, improves on-site tours and showings, guides potential buyers and a lot more. Coming from the house of Amazon, it is reliable. One wouldn’t be surprised to see that the investment in the real estate, is ever-increasing because realtors are understanding the relevance of it in buying, selling or owning the property. Some of the most popular real estate technology is LiveBy, Kelle, First. io, AskDOSS, Homelight, and Morty.

Say ‘Yes’ to Video Marketing:

If there is one sector that has maximum utilized video marketing strategies, it would be real estate. There are many ways in which the content can be created, and one can come up with even more unique ways to market it. Videos attract 2 or 3 times as many visitors to the agent’s site.

Interviews with the clients, Q&A sessions, profiles of the agent, yearly reviews or videos of the events, consumption will be faster as real estate dealing is not a joke for both buyers and sellers. Undoubtedly, the most popular video in the real estate segment has been always a listing video. It truly works in faster conversion and getting more leads. One doesn’t have to be a professional videographer to shoot, all you need is a good phone with a camera.

Right Content:

Generating unique content for the subscribed leads is as important as finding the leads or converting the leads. It can be newsletter content, blogging, personalized messages or any intentionally crafted content for a specific audience. Make sure the content is sent to everybody on the mailing list because making a real estate decision is a long-time goal for many people.

Even if a buyer shows no interest initially, the chances are that they may come back later at some point in time. The website content should also be optimized and polished for easy understanding for the audience benefit. Offers, contests, creative landing pages, client testimonials or content upgrade offers; all of it need good content curation. It is not the quantity but the quality that matters.

There is no doubt that realtors are natural marketers, but until and unless they adapt to the newer technologies, impressing the current generation is quite difficult.

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