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social media for real estate

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Social media channels give businesses a clear understanding of their market and open an opportunity to reach the right audience. Realtors too exploit various platforms to enhance their business. Well, how do the new media help the professionals in this sector? This blog feature some of the most important tips to implement, improve and track social media efforts. Read on.

Facebook has over 2.38 billion active users per month, Twitter has around 126 million daily active users and LinkedIn has over 500 million users; but a realtor living in the small town of Cuba or China, or Iran, where internet access is a scanty affair, what is the use of going social? So, that is the first criteria for getting a presence online, do it only if it would help in reaching any of your business goals. It can be anything from finding the right audience to publicizing to boosting sales. If the requirement is necessary, make sure you do it right, follow the trends, and bring the ultimate user experiences online.

More than 84% of the real estate professionals make use of social media platforms in the USA, according to a reliable source. In this scenario, how do you think to make a difference in the online spaces and stand vivid among all the competition? Keep in mind that It is already a saturated market. Here is where you need to follow some expert tips.

Best Time To Post On Social Media

best time to post on social media

Ossisto tips delineated below would help you figure out why and how aspects of it.

Some Of The Most Valid Tips:

  • Create a user-friendly website. Keep it classy. Upload high-quality images, highlight testimonials, have behind the success scene stories, publish regular blog posts relevant to the industry, implement search engine-friendly pages, SEO optimize the content and follow a proper website maintenance strategy
  • Delineate a social media marketing plan. Exploit social media stories for better visibility, go for targeted advertising, reinforce the brand through multiple creatives and truth is that the options are umpteen
  • Find ways to educate the buyers
  • Make use of chat interfaces to connect with those who show the interest. A real time chat would improve the chances of closing a sale faster
  • Respond to the reviews online, whether it is good or bad
  • Use more video content
  • Roll out some engaging activities for the existing clients
  • Your conversations with the people shouldn’t be solely about your home listing, it should touch various interesting subjects
  • Keep updating your knowledge on new social media platforms, use its features to build the loyalty of the existing customers and for smartly converting the prospects
  • Understand the purpose of various social media platforms and use them accordingly for better user engagement. Hootsuite, a powerful social media platform has listed 10 social media types in one of their most read articles. This would help you in deciding what to choose and what not.  

how to use social media for real estate

66% of the home buyers are Millennials who know how to use the modern gadgets. A generation of traditional media lovers used to hunt for property and homes in the newspapers they read. Gone are those days, today people can get all the information at the tip of the fingers. Realtors should spend a significant budget to be active on social media to break free of the clutter.

Here are a few interesting statistics published by the research department of the National Association of the Realtors, these stats clearly indicate that staying up to date with the technology and social media is the need of the hour.

  • 44% of the online buyers searched a realtor’s online site for properties on sale
  • 18% of the Millennials looked online for relevant real estate information but still 11% of them talked with a friend or a relative before taking a decision
  • 53% of younger boomers (those who are born anywhere in between (1946-1964)) surprisingly, they looked online for properties and other sales options
  • 89% of the response received in a survey conducted by the same organization found out that online searchers get attracted to a sale due to the photographs uploaded

If you already have a great social media footprint, what you now need are unusual ideas to be unique. We have here collaborated some of the very effective ones. Try incorporating them to see sales closures and client conversions.

  • Click or request your clients to send some happy buying anniversary pictures to post on your social media pages
  • Include testimonials of the clients in your website, it is the best way to build trust among the new visitors
  • Post a special holiday message online. Make a beautiful graphics around your message or create a personalized video message, this would attract more viewership
  • Run a contest and give away prices; advertise it online
  • Be an integral part of realtor conferences and expos, announce them on various online platforms
  • Show comparison charts making it obvious on how different you are from your competitors
  • If there is a new team member in your organization, give him or her a little spotlight on your pages. It would portray your organization as a friendly, united and approachable one.

Boring businesses do rock social media because they know how to execute the plan well. If you are a realtor and is new to social media, do get the help of a fully-fledged agency that provide digital marketing services. If you can afford an in-house team, well and good; it is a great plan for the upcoming year. A content writer, SEO specialist, graphic designer and others can help your business gain popularity online. However, if you are in a growth stage, it is always better to learn the basics for self-sustenance.

Trust me, it is not a Herculean task, there are many software that are available online to serve the purpose. These digital marketing tools not only help in executing digital strategies but also in measuring success and failure. MailChimp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Hootsuite, Fiverr, Upwork, Follow Up Boss, etc are some of the top tools for those in real estate sector.

Obviously, social media would help in drumming up interest among home buyers and sellers, but it wouldn’t lead to sales closures. For this, you require smarter marketers and human intelligence. Social media can just act as a catalyst to make the process quick.

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