7 Awesome Time Management Tips for Virtual Assistant

7 Awesome Tips for Virtual Assistant time management

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Virtual Assistant Time Management Tips

As a virtual assistant, Time management plays a significant role in supporting clients to understand better the businesses they are investing in; in other words, you help build a reputation and increase the customer base of all the small businesses you are employed in. Though you may not always get the credits, you too are responsible for the daily accomplishments of your company, and therefore, you need to be systematic and organized to make the best of it.

Demands from multiple clients can be overwhelming, especially when they are questions and queries from different departments. Then how will you time manage your time in such a tight situation?

Adhere to a list

Instead of jotting down every next move and action in your mind, take a notepad and write down all the work you have to complete in a day. By just keeping it in your mind, there are possibilities of you forgetting your most essential tasks. If there is a due date for your project, start preparing a week in advance and set your deadlines before the official ones.

Well-curated resources

Just like a researcher needs resourceful books to work, you, too, as a virtual assistant, Time management need to refer to relevant and curated resources to organize your administrative work—for instance, ossisto.com is an excellent example of a perfect virtual assistant time management. You refer to their working model to get hands-on time management and use it for your projects and communication software.

In addition, there are several resources available on the net, and you ought to make the proper use of them to help you be an efficient virtual assistant.

Utilize time blocking

Time blocking means you schedule out your time depending on the type of work you have. For instance, you should use your most energetic time to solve complex problems and use the other times to tackle minor tasks. On the other hand, the scattered times can be used for less demanding work, such as calls and meeting meetings. In this way, you tend to give your total concentration to the tasks that need your priority.

For example, say you schedule essential discussions on a Monday because you are out from a break, and you can potentially focus on organizing your rest of the week. But, on the other hand, if you wait till Friday, there are chances that you will be distracted for the coming weekend.

Crucial working hours

Instead of working continuously for ten hours a day, plan your time in a way where you can finish it in six to eight hours. Stick to your working hours because personal life also needs equal attention. Why would you stress just for making a few extra dollars that you would spend within a few hours? The goal here is not to be laidback but to be innovative and work how much you are supposed to.

Understand urgencies

Many times you will be flooded by your customers for speeds. However, it is your responsibility to filter these urgencies and cater to them accordingly. For instance, you may receive a mail that requires you to respond immediately because the customer is very hasty.

Instead of agreeing to the terms of the client, access the situation and then reply on two conditions, firstly, if they give you a turnover for the urgent work or secondly if they let you finish the task within your working hours.

Create your boundaries

Some clients may be entitled and require your constant attention because they feel you are obliged to work for them 24/7. Therefore, if you don’t create your boundaries initially, your clients will eventually create them for you. Before you sign up, make clear your working hours, formats and models, and extra charges for extra work.

The more you juggle with multiple clients, the more likely the clients will not be satisfied with your work. Don’t be a puppet and dance on the strings of your clients, but rather make policies clear.

Every client is different

Being a virtual assistant, you will come across other people with different natures. The only constant here is you. Hence, it would be best if you had a calm mind to approach every situation thrown at you. If the first client was extra and tested your patience, the same hype cannot be transferred to the next client in line.

You need to judge your client through their communication and tackle them accordingly. Do not be rude but be as welcoming as you can because a matter of a few seconds can cost you a lifetime of a loyal customer. At the same time, focus on your mental health and take breaks whenever you have to.

Main Takeaways

No matter what time management technique you use, take complete control of your time and use the given methods to make the best out of it. these points include:

Adhere to a list

  • Refer to well-curated resources
  • Utilize time blocking
  • Crucial working hours
  • Understand urgencies
  • Create your boundaries
  • Every client is different

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