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web design trends

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It is proved that a person just takes an average of 0.5 seconds to form an opinion about a website that he or she visits. Web site designers are thus a great asset to an organization or rather they are a necessity to design eye-catchy websites that would stand out in the competition and help businesses break free of the clutter. Web design trends are worth watching out for because this is the decade’s last chance to prove their caliber and creativity.

The right approach would be to understand the word ‘responsive web design’ that the independent designer and author based in Boston, Ethan Marcotte has coined. Also, when it comes to the style, the trend of minimalism is getting mixed with technology that bridges the gap between the front and the back end. From load speed to mobile-first design, chatbots, SSL certificates, etc.

there are many innovative web design trends that can be followed to create the strongest emotional connection with the user. In this blog learn about some of the most popular web design trends that can be used in the year 2020. Read on.

Colors are given more importance

 Visually impactful websites of modern times use bold colors, yet organizations like to keep it simple and straight when it comes to structuring their websites. Probably, the thought process is to give the website an electric personality.

Bold and unique in comparison to other competitor platforms. Using gradients of colors, brands can tell stories. Bold doesn’t always mean overwhelming and each color has got an untold emotion associated with it. This means one should choose the color that would resonate with the brand. For example, red often means power, life, passion, health, romance, call to action, sale, etc., that is why red is one of the most widely used colors in the advertising world. Colors can highlight features and focus on elements. Its careful use can set clear demarcation between dynamic and energetic layouts.

There are software and tools that help a person in picking the right shades. A few of them are Sip, Adobe Color CC, Flat color picker, Pinterest, etc. While picking, keep in mind the brand personality and audience expectation of your brand. It is a proven fact that people are susceptible on a subconscious level to color impressions and more that half of the rejection of websites are tied to this very fact.

Along with using bold colors, the current trend is to follow minimalism when it comes to design elements. Simple interfaces, flat patterns and textures that helps in easy navigation yet visually attractive is modish. Large background images and home page videos, grid layouts, circular graphic elements and hidden navigation are the most chosen features by brands for website design according to

In an interesting study performed by the same group, over 112 websites were analyzed to see common characteristics and other recurring features. The study revealed that most website designers preferred:

  • Flat designs rather than skeuomorphic patterns and textures
  • Choice of limited or monochromatic color palette
  • Strictly limited features and graphic elements. i.e., minimalistic approach
  • Maximized negative space/white space
  • Mix and match use of typography to communicate hierarchy or create visual interest

Hello! to single page website

web design trends

The old style of having websites with multiple pages has got outdated. Businesses and brands are opting for single page websites, where all the details can be viewed all at a glance. With the advancement in touch and voice facility, it is essential to design pages with less navigational complexity.

A single page website helps visitors enjoy a linear navigable flow on any device. Viewing a multi-page website is often going to be difficult to be viewed on mobile phones, if the internet connection is slow.

A single page website is the best for portfolios, landing pages and brochure websites, however; a multipage website is still, if yours is an eCommerce site. There are approximately around 1.5 billion websites in the world, the new companies and brands are creating innovating solutions that would drive more traffic. In such a scenario, it is better to know that there is a flipside to developing one-page website, the opportunities to optimize for search engines are very less here.

Growing popularity of parallax scrolling

web design trends

growing popularity of parallax scrolling

 Parallax is a unique and trending website design element. Perhaps those in the gaming industry are familiar with this word than others. The term ‘parallax’ is originally from the video game world that used 2D side-scrolling to create illusion of depth. The same technology is now used in website designing. The trick is to use various background images to give viewers a sense of page depth.

The positive aspect of it is to provoke curiosity and tell a good story about the brand. However, SEO takes a hit and slow load time result in frustrated website viewing experience. Some of the best brands in the world has used this technique to drive traffic to their websites. From Volkswagen Beetle to Nike Air Jordon 2012 to Range Rover Evoque, has utilized this technique to create a rich experience.

Large Titles to Grab the Eye-balls

 Since ages, the practitioners had spoken in favor of using short titles and standard typography. In this aspect too, things are changing exceptionally. Individuals, businesses and brands have started using attention-grabbing titles. Visitors to the websites have started to adapt to this large and bolded titles.

Large typography is the new black. The fact is that the Serif’s are back, and designers prefer more ‘Alive’ fonts. Alive in the sense ‘3D illustrated, cropped and manipulated fonts that a previous generation website designer would have rejected. The combinations that the designers experiment with are endless and cool text effects are becoming more popular. Some of the fonts used regularly by the businesses in designing their websites are:

  • Publico Extrabold
  • Anonymous Pro
  • Sentinel Screen Serif
  • Circular Bold
  • Drunk Text Wide
  • Cheltenham Bold
  • Apercu Light



Embracing the art of storytelling

Content developers who could write professionally, formal and precise were in great demand until a few years ago. This is not the case in today’s scenario. To have a better connect with the customers, brands should be willing to tell their story in a convincing way. Now the demand is for those writers who are also exceptional storytellers who can hook the visitors/readers to the string of words they write.

If you check the Google randomly, you would see some of the B2B brand’s websites that created wonderful stories around the products and services they offer. The brands include SurveyGizmo, Wun Systems, TicketLeaps, Zendesk, Kelser, Freshdesk, My Moriam and the list is endless.

Visual storytelling may look easy at first glance, but the truth is contrasting. There should be a proper script and a creative inhouse team who can make it practical. Truly, for this an organization should nurture an environment where passion can be made possible. Such efforts can be easily seen in the output. Visual storytelling is not just the use of the content, it is the right mixture of content, graphics, images, pictures and video.

There are more than 400 billion active websites and the number is ever increasing. So, the job profile of a website designer is ever demanding. A phenomenally designed website would be intellectual, bold, strong and unique.


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