Virtual Assistants: What is a two-way communicating virtual assistant

Virtual Assistants: What is a two-way communicating virtual assistant

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Virtual Assistants: What is a two-way communicating virtual assistant?

The world is not just turning digital but also virtual. And yes, there is a difference between the two. Today, almost all the sectors and industries are finding ways to become as technologically equipped as possible, especially when it comes to communication and assistance. You may have seen how the pandemic grew onto us, and we all started with the new-age work from home system. It was a result of the situation that we were all facing, which is quite understandable.

But, there has now been another side to the same coin, which is virtual assistance. That’s right. A whole new area of opportunities has come up which allows people to work and contribute to an organization virtually. And in that space, we have a particular area of work, which is the two-way communicating virtual assistance. What is it, and how can it help your business? Continue reading to find out!

First of all, what is virtual assistance?

Before we get into the depths of the topic, let’s understand the topic in the first place.

To answer the question, virtual assistance is a way of working as a professional who offers a contribution to an organization in a virtual manner. A virtual assistant is a person who does not have to visit the office every day or even once, for that matter.

They do their job right from the comfort of their home, or even from a whole different city or country. Usually, virtual assistance jobs are offered only to those job roles that do not require in-person interaction and can be executed by just virtually staying in touch. This brings us to the next important question.

What are some of the common roles in virtual assistance?

As mentioned previously, virtual assistance is an area open only to those roles that can be done virtually. So, some of the most common ones include job profiles like graphic designing, photo or video editing, data entry, administration, content writing, and even virtual receptionists and coordinators, etc. All these jobs are done by staying in touch through voice, phone, or video calls, and they do not require much in-person interaction.

That being said, it does not mean that the jobs in the space of virtual assistance do not require communication at all. In fact, these roles demand even stronger than usual levels of communication skills to ensure that all the parties are informed and updated about everything. As a matter of fact, there is a whole different job profile for two-way communicating virtual assistants. What is that about? Let’s find out!

What do we mean by the term “two-way communicating virtual assistants”?

In the simplest words, two-way communicating virtual assistance means ensuring clear and comprehensive communications from both ends irrespective of the communication being done on a virtual note. This helps in building and maintaining relations with employees, bosses, or even clients in a more efficient way.

Why should you hire such virtual assistants?


Having an employee in the office means you need to have a well-established office in the first place. But when you deal with more virtual assistants, you don’t need to hire a massive office space as most of them will be working from their respective homes. This is why hiring virtual assistants prove to be more cost-effective, especially when you have many employees and comparatively limited space.

Worldwide talent

Another great feature of hiring virtual assistants is that there are no limitations to their location. As a result, you can hire a virtual assistant from any corner of the world, making worldwide talent accessible to you. In this way, you can find some of the most skilled professionals to be working with you on your projects, irrespective of which country of the city they are based in.

Ensures flexibility

Virtual assistants have more flexibility of working as compared to in-office employees, and this dramatically affects both- the quality and quantity of work. When you offer the flexibility of working from the comfort of their homes, virtual assistants become all the more self-aware and accountable for their job. Plus, they are in a better frame of mind to work, which boosts productivity.


All in all, virtual assistance as an area of work has been booming, especially in the last couple of years. Of course, the pandemic is quite responsible for this boom, and we’re glad about it. Virtual assistance enables a win-win situation for both- employers and employees. Employers don’t have to hire large office spaces, while employees don’t have to visit the office space at all.

And, if you are looking to hire virtual assistants, we’d strongly recommend you to visit and go through all the services they are offering. Ossisto has been in the virtual assistance industry for quite some time and has a fair amount of experience to help you meet all your requirements as far as virtual assistance is concerned.

That being said, we hope you find the right kind of virtual assistant who can take your business plan to a whole new level. Good luck!

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