7 Custom Virtual Assistant Business Card Designs

7 Custom Virtual Assistant Business Card Designs

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Business Card Designs provide a professional outlook aiding businesses to establish a strong network and project their capabilities. Virtual Assistants are an ongoing trend, especially in the digital domain, due to the reasonable costs of completing tasks in various domains. Ossisto’s Virtual Assistants are the best in the industry mainly because they possess years of industrial experience and have undergone intensive training.

These aspects have allowed businesses to expand their capabilities and rely on Ossisto’s virtual assistants allowing a good sales revenue. However, if you want to project a professional outlook for your virtual assistant services, establishing the best business card designs is vital. Customization is the key, and here are the top 7 custom virtual assistant business card designs that will help you make your virtual assistant business card designs.

7 virtual assistant business card designs

1.   Font Customization

You can easily customize the font of your business card designs. It gives the first impression when one looks at your business card designs. For instance, Comic Sans projects a goofy image, whereas Arial or Times New Roman is considered to be professional and neat. Various other fonts are neat, and you can incorporate them into your business card designs. Apart from this, you will also have to check for the font size, alignment, and spacing which makes the best utilization of the space. Customizing your Virtual Assistant Business card designs font is important because your details need to be projected elegantly.

2.   Design options

There are multiple design options available online. You can customize graphics or include stickers that project your company’s essence. In addition, you can choose from various graphics that make an authentic look and match your company’s image. For instance, you can have a Mandela or a customized silhouette image that goes well with the card design. Apart from this, instead of going with the same white background as other business cards, you can choose from various colors. However, it is important to note that bright colors might look goofy, and it doesn’t serve the purpose. Instead, use a light background and make the font color dark which should contrast with the background.

3.   Incorporating details

The purpose of a business card is to allow your clients and customers to get contact information about your services. This includes your email ID, your business name, social media handles, and other necessary information about your business. These details need to be customized according to your business needs and your contact details. It is also important to cross-check if this information provided in your business card is right so that your clients won’t face difficulties contacting you.

4.   Card Material

There are various materials used for business cards, including papers, metal, plastic, and more. Yes, it is surprising to know that Virtual Assistant Business cards designs can be customized for their card material. Of course, this depends on your budget and your business card usage. Metal cards are still in use, but they are expensive and can be stored easily by clients. However, you also get virtual business cards these days, and considering your virtual assistant services; this also makes a great option. Lastly, remember that your design and color combinations will significantly change based on your chosen card material.

5.   Using QR code

Incorporating a QR code is what you need if you are looking for a more modern business card. When scanned, a QR code allows your clients to find links to your social media handles, your email, and even your portfolio. You can easily customize the link used with the QR code with various sites online. The best part is that you can also customize the QR code with your company’s logo. Other customization aspects include the color of the QR code and not your typical black and white format.

6.   Card Dimensions

You need to realize that not all business cards are rectangular. Apart from this, you can also make portraits or landscapes using your business card designs. Virtual Assistant Business cards can also be in a square format as well. Hence, you can customize the dimensions of your business card, and you even get an option between portrait landscapes.

7.   Logo & Photo optimization

Business cards are incomplete without your Logo and a picture that sums up your business services. You can optimize the picture and logo based on your business card design. You can use various graphic software to either make a new logo if you don’t have one or optimize the existing one for your Virtual Assistant business card designs.


There are various customization options available for Virtual Assistant business design cards. However, it is important to note that the customization does not affect your professional outlook, like using Comic Sans will definitely give a wrong impression. Hence, it’s good to customize your Virtual Assistant business card but remember not at the expense of compromising your professional outlook.

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