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A virtual assistant is an assistant assisting the organization from a remote location. They efficiently handle the delegated tasks by using the specialized skill sets that help develop and grow the organization. They complete the tasks designated in a cost-efficient manner. Hiring a virtual assistant benefits the business as the delegated tasks are completed within the deadlines. You may work as a virtual assistant on a project or hourly basis and complete the delegated job with the entire focus.

Time is money. The management needs to invest time in the areas of prime importance. They need to set priorities and let the virtual assistants do the remaining jobs. This is the prime reason why hiring a Virtual assistant has become essential. Companies like Ossisto provide highly qualified virtual assistants. Not just business, a VA can take care of home budgeting, job search, diet plans, and special occasion reminders.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant:

One of the foremost things that need to be considered if you wish to venture out as a Virtual Assistants is to enroll in an online training course. These courses provide you with guidance from experts who are well known in this field of Virtual Assistance. There are numerous training and courses available online. We have listed down the top 7 training courses for becoming a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Become a VA

This Virtual Assistant training course is typically based on improving your digital skills, helping to make your resume perfect, helping you apply for virtual assistant openings, improving the Email marketing skills, social media management skills, improving the time management skills, and helping you to start a Virtual Assistance business and also determine the charges. In addition, Udemy offers this certificate course.


  1. Work from Home as a VA

This course will help you analyze if this field is apt for you. It will provide a clear picture by setting up the business terms, setting your rates, helping in the business launch, creating a well-defined process to run the home-driven business, and providing you with a cutting edge over the competition. Udemy offers this certificate course.


  1. The Savvy Vault VA course

The course is for people who are already working as Virtual Assistants. It is focused on improving their skills to help them improve their services and increase their rates. The course is available on a monthly as well as a yearly subscription. The members have open access to the VA community, get great job opportunities, create mock portfolio templates, and practice mock interviews with an expert panel.


  1. The Laptop Lifestyle Boot camp

This boot camp is a bit overpriced but stretches for 12 weeks. The payment can be made in monthly installments. It primarily focuses on entrepreneurs who want to venture out and grow the business. The boot camp has a weekly schedule. Every week focuses on numerous training ranging from the appropriate price range for your services, social media marketing, improving communication skills, and becoming a branding expert.


  1. How to get your first VA Clients

The course will focus on helping you get your first clients. It helps you learn how to impress your clients, find out the perfect client that respects your skills, generate your avatar that fits your skillset, get to know the client’s passion, and create an elevator pitch for them.

The course also includes the complete planning to run the show. The course is available on Udemy.


  1. The Beginner SEO Course for SEO Fundamentals

Hiring an SEO expert is expensive. But it is also necessary to hire one to see the tremendous growth through the digital platforms. Web traffic can generate all the desired revenues for a business. Thus, business management goes in for hiring a virtual assistant with SEO knowledge. This Beginner SEO Course helps you get the basic SEO knowledge and help you get a great job offer. The course explains keyword research, page optimization, and building trusted links. You may take up the course from Simplilearn or other similar sites.


  1. Common VA Interview Questions

Getting through your interview is the key to success. The course lets you know about what goes on in the interviewer’s mind. It will help you with the common questions asked by the clients and expected desired answers that can help in closing the deal. It will help you tackle the client expectations, market your services, and get a high success rate.

It teaches you different methods to pitch clients. It will prepare you for the interview and set guidelines for the answers. You may take such courses from numerous sites like Udemy, out and beyond, etc.



It is beneficial to go in for these expert courses before you venture into the field of Virtual Assistance. It will help evolve your business skills so that you can run the show smoothly. Moreover, expert advice from reputed virtual assistants will help you benefit from the rich experience. Moreover, some training and courses can get you, clients, through their network and help you excel in the field.

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