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Human resource is as essential as it is a tedious process that seeps through various levels of the hierarchy of an organization. As a result of this, it is almost always difficult to keep track of it and incur huge expenses. Hiring a virtual recruiter however, ensures that the cost has been reduced, whilst managing several issues that come with the same.

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Why choose Ossisto’s Profile Sourcing & Screening services?

As it is intended, our virtual staffing assistants are not restricted by barriers of time and locales unlike physical HR representatives. Additionally, we also ensure a risk free channel through which all of your hiring essentials are maintained.

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ISO Certification

Ossisto Technologies Pvt. Ltd Receives ISO Certification

New Jersey, January 2019 – Ossisto Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a frontrunner in virtual assistance companies has announced today, that they have been certified of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

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ISO Certification

Case Study


The Client

The clients are a U.S based supply chain financial services provider. They provide an invoice factoring service to the transportation industry. They also aid global businesses who desire expansion or have new equipment needs, with instant working capital.

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A : Our services guarantee that you will receive a list of qualified candidates within hours or a day of the closing date of the job posting.
A : Our virtual assistants make use of the criteria that has been provided by you and filter through the resumes of potential candidates with utmost care and diligence.
A : The virtual recruiter will edit and make the necessary alterations to the job posting as assigned.

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