About Us

We are reliable and provide great value for your investment.

Our Story

Ossisto team of expert virtual assistants are handpicked from various industries and are passionate professionals with immense capabilities to bring transformation to your organization. Our story is simple; we are all set to help you live easier by doing your tasks the way you would want to do it. In precise, we become your co-partners in creating mega success stories.

Our Mission

As a global front-runner in virtual assistance and outsourcing, Ossisto has been established with a strong mission statement. Its key facets rely on teamwork, persistence and structural robustness as its pillars. To add to this, we place service towards our customers as the crux of our mission in this business. Servitude through integrity, loyalty and reliability are the values we stand on.

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Our Team

We are a young and dynamic team working exclusively for you. We are reliable, detail oriented, and a master at ensuring productivity for your business.


We empower, design and implement the strategy that best suits your business and its needs. We ensure that we stay at the forefront of our client’s minds.

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Organizational Framework

We create a common framework, context, the use cases and the processes so that our VA and the client can work together effectively across physical and cultural distances.

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Team Cooperation

We are a team possessing extensive experience in the vertical of Virtual Assistance. We realize your need for a partner to ensure nothing falls short.

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Value towards Persistence

We, as a team, aspire to move forward effectively and efficiently through the persistence. We strive to take entrepreneurial tasks off your table.

Our Work

We work for all types of businesses starting from Start-ups to unique entrepreneurial activities. Let us be the part of your journey. We are ready to handle all of the enterprise details.

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Our Focus

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At Ossisto, the priority is always creating positive client experiences. Providing custom solutions, flexible time options and absolute commitment to deliver the best, makes us unique. You get the rights to choose the best Virtual Assistant(VA) available with us. Our resourcefulness would surprise you.
On approaching Ossisto, with your specific business issue, we are not going to straightaway give you just a solution that might work. We are first going to declutter the problem you are facing, analyse it and provide a unique solution that would definitely work in your particular case. After all, we see all the problems as challenges.
Your project with us would have gotten completed with the stipulated time, but that doesn’t stop you from coming back to us with any business related query. You become part of our ever-growing family. Our doors are open for you all day long. Our focus is to build a family that believes in endless possibilities.

Our Virtual Assistant Superpowers

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Your dedicated Virtual Assistant at Ossisto work according to your demand. Our super VA’s have the abilities to work under any circumstances.

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Don’t be surprised, if you see our Virtual Assistant work faster than you expected. Speed and quality go hand in hand at Ossisto.

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Our Virtual Assistants keep polishing and upgrading themselves on their knowledge. This comes handy while they design unique solutions.

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We consider you as a part of our family and our aim is to assign a versatile, friendly and confident Virtual Assistant who create value in your business.



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We will strive hard to provide the best solutions for the progress and success of our client’s business.

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We don’t have the word ‘not possible’ in our dictionary. We innovate, build and revolutionize the way our client’s experience virtual assistance.

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Our clients are considered as the captain of the ship. They say and we abide.

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We don’t have personal preferences. We consider all the projects with equal priority.

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