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Say goodbye to micromanagement. Our virtual assistant services will help you use the time wisely for the revenue-generating tasks. Meanwhile, we will take care of your repetitive business chores.

Why push the load alone, when we have got your back? Our virtual assistant services will help you save your valuable time and money, as we follow a great working style and a smooth workflow. Dedicated services meant for your personal and professional front needn’t necessarily come with high fee. Delegate all the extra tasks on your plate with our virtual assistants and enjoy your life. Rely on our assistance, if:

  • You need an expert help in dealing with a task that is overwhelming
  • You wish to gain more free time and me time
  • You have many tasks pending and yet, deadline is approaching soon
  • You need constant remainders and encouragement to complete the day to day tasks

A Glimpse Of Our Virtual Assistant Services

virtual assistance

Scheduling Appointments

Don’t stress over your overcrowded schedule. Contact our virtual assistants to organize them for you instead.


virtual assistant

Travel Planning

Hire our VA’s to assist you in all your adventures and leave it to them to give you a bon voyage!


virtual assistant


Don’t miss another significant event through our virtual assistant services!


virtual assistant

Online Purchasing

With our expertise, we are your solution for a seamless shopping spree.


virtual assistant

Diet Planning

Get in touch with our VA’s and you will never have to second guess about your health again.


virtual assistant

Calendar management

You don’t have to loose precious time to block out your calendar, hand it over to our experts instead.


virtual assistant

Email Management

Get ready to have the most organized inbox through our Virtual assistant services


virtual assistant

Ticket & Table Booking

You shouldn’t have to worry about missing a reservation when you’ve got our virtual assistants by your side.


Virtual Assistance – Hiring Process 

Get in touch with our PA via email, phone, live chat.


Step 1

Get in touch with our Personal Assistant via email, phone, live chat.

Subscribe to our services


Step 2


Step 3

Assign tasks to the virtual assistant

Get a bespoke result instantly


Step 4

Why Choose Ossisto’s Virtual Assistant Services?

Distinctive Viewpoint

virtual assistant services

We adapt a personal approach for each customer and their requirements and we work accordingly towards the result.

Affordable Pricing

virtual assistant

Our pricing plans are designed keeping in view the needs of each client. Our Virtual Executive add value to save you time and money.


virtual assistant

We are highly adaptive to the changing market conditions and offer clientele with flexible and smooth-running services

Secure Storage System

virtual assistant

Since security is a high priority for us, we store all of our client’s personal credentials in a secure file storage system.



Shopping was such a hassle. I had absolutely no time to overlook the entire process. But, with the help of Ossisto’s online personal shoppers, I can now spend my time ideally.

– Allison Horgan

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Case Study

Sales and Customer Support

The client is an American online marketplace for sport gear and apparel. They offer both customized and ready-made apparel that are required for the sport of the client’s choice. They are pioneers in challenging preexisting uniform designs and device in an entirely different pattern.


Virtual Assistant Services FAQ

You can outsource the following tasks; scheduling appointments, travel planning, setting reminders, online purchasing, diet planning, calendar management, email management & ticket and table booking
Yes, we can perform recurring tasks.
Virtual assistant services at Ossisto work 24/7. However, the timings for a specific project is pre-defined and will be detailed to each customer during the initiation process.
If you are not satisfied with the work of a particular VA assigned to you, we are ready to replace your VA immediately with another expert of your choice. However, our hiring process is quite stringent. We choose only professionals with substantial years of experience. Candidates are also evaluated on their language skills, IQ/EQ levels and are tested on their ability to create right rapport with the customers.
Your virtual assistant is based in India.

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