Establish a Sustainable Enterprise With Our Assistance

Reduce volatile customer loyalties by relying on our business support services. We can help you expand your business potential by providing unique solutions.

Rely on our business support services to gain better focus on primary tasks and to avoid very strict budgeting. Within a minimal pay get all the additional, repetitive and mundane tasks done by our experts with relevant experiences working with top organizations and dealing with complex projects. All our services are designed to spark significant business growth and profitability. So, Grow and drive business through smart delegation.

Take A Look At Our Business Support Services

Business support services, E-commerce

E-Commerce Support

We can help you manage increased product data volumes and provide superior E-commerce support.

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Data Entry & Data Processing

Data entry, processing, conversion, we do it all. So just sit back and go about your day.

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Document Management

Documentation doesn’t have to be cumbersome anymore. Hire our virtual assistants to give you accurate results.


Customer Service & CRM Support

We have expert CRM specialists in our team who can handle end to end requirements, seamlessly.


Itinerary Management

Let travelling be less taxing on you.Contact our virtual assistants to manage your itinerary efficiently.

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Property Listing & Management

Looking for a reliable listing service? Then you’ve come the right way.

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Business Research

With Ossisto, get on top of things that need your immediate attention for better business support services decisions.

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Profile Sourcing & Screening

Our ability to find the right candidate is as efficient as an in-house recruiter.

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Customer Support

From building rapport to closing sales at the end, we know the tricks and tips.

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Chat Support

We deal with queries, in a flow and effectively.

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Lead Generation

Boost your consumer interest with our lead generation services.

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Contact Research

Be up-to-date with your contact list with our assistance.

Our solutions are for efficient operation and to magnify the efficiency

How Outsourcing Support Services Can Help?

We can drive business growth by providing any kind of business support services, assistance.

You get access to a pool of experts who have got solid work experience.

Decrease the operational cost by taking away all your business support tasks from your plate.

Reduce your workload by performing all the primary repetitive tasks remotely for your business.

Our reliable virtual assistants may work remotely for you but rapport we create is unbelievably unique.

How Business Support Services Works?

On choosing Ossisto business support services – virtual assistant services, we provide you a prompt hassle free experience.

Analysis of the project shared with us.

Identifying and choosing the right person to complete the project.

Layout design of step by step process that smoothens the work flow.

Monitor performance on a regular basis.

Periodic assessment of the project.



Ossisto is one of the most reliable business research partners that I’ve ever come across in the market. It isn’t just their punctuality that sets them apart, but also quality of their work that instils our trust in them.

– Emily

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Case Study

Invoice Data Entry Services

The clients are a U.S based supply chain financial services provider. They provide an invoice factoring service to the transportation industry. They also aid global businesses who desire expansion or have new equipment needs, with instant working capital.



Boring, repeated and monotonous business support services tasks can be taken off of your plate. The best part is that our solutions are designed to fit all the industries and our experts can help you complete the mundane tasks faster, efficient and at pocket-friendly prices.
From any nook and corner of the world, you can outsource your business function tasks to us and reap umpteen benefits. Reduce capital and labour costs, increase efficiency, get more competitive advantages, improve your service and delight your customers. If outsourcing was not on your priority list, it is high-time to add it on because ‘Time is Money’.
We provide a wide array of business support services intended to create in-house efficiencies. From e-commerce support to data entry & data processing, document management, business research, lead generation, customer support and much more; all of these carefully positioned to help our clients to save time and perform better.

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