Address Your Client’s Issues Effectively Through Our Virtual Assistance Service

Our well established BPO support services have been devised to cater to every single issue, need and requirement that your customers would have and guarantee a flawless process.

In the professional world, there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. Entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporates alike are racing to find the best technology and professionals who will ensure that their customers are kept happy. One such method to go about this system is by employing BPO support service.

Since most companies do not have it in them to establish an in-house BPO service team for various reasons, they can get the same result by outsourcing them instead. Though outsourcing BPO services to a third party might seem controversial, it does come with a long list of benefits such as.

  • Financial Relief
  • Unburdened Support
  • Versatility

Various BPO Services That Strengthen Your Business


Inbound call management

Outsource2Ossisto is the solution for productive inbound call management.


Telemarketing Services

From shooting up your revenue to generating leads, our telemarketers have got your back!


Live Chat Support

Ensure perpetual assistance devoid of technical glitches via our chat support assistance system.


Technical Support

Leave all your technical woes for us to resolve.



Get flawless assistance for your automated services and hike your business’s growth.


CCTV Monitoring Services

Look out for uncertainties better with our CCTV support assistance.


Outbound Calls

Uplift your sales with our remarkable assistance.


Email Support Services

Unresponsive emails don’t have worry you anymore. Hire our virtual assistants to oversee them.

Why do you need Business Process Outsourcing – BPO Services?

Bpo, Outsourcing services
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Infallible operation systems
  • No capital investment is needed
  • Reduced costs pertaining to infrastructure and payroll
  • Time-Saving

Our values to give you the best BPO services & solutions, rely on:


Remunerative processes


Sustainable support


State-of-the-art technology




Personalized Solutions

Have you been looking for the Best BPO Services? We’ve got them here!

We are experts in prioritizing out client’s needs and issues and slay them with our profound knowledge, skill and dedicated work ethic.

Why should you choose our assistance?


Exceptional Infrastructure


Qualitative approach


Impeccable monitoring and response mechanisms

Global market size of outsourced BPO services is valued at 85.6 bn, which is immense and the challenges that comes with it is huge as well. Outsource2Ossisto experts convert these challenges to possibilities.

  • Businesses with us, can access the skilled labour whenever required. Our agents are adept in handling languages, possess high emotional quotient and dynamic. Come and experience solutions that cognate with market standards
  • Outsource2Ossisto knows how to strike meaningful conversations within the Average Talk Time (ATT) providing highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring desired levels of productivity and efficiency in the process is not a choice, but a regular day affair at Outsource2Ossisto.
  • No worries on increasing costs of operations, Outsource2Ossisto provide a pocket-friendly services.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our business process experts now and get exclusive offers and discounts on our solutions.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance or popularly known as QA is not a dice game for us. It is a regular process through which our virtual assistants and the projects we handle get scrutinized and evolved. A clear goal is set for each service line and individuals. The performances are measured based on transparent policies and objective based standards. Our virtual assistants are under constant monitoring, which helps us in translating our services into an ultimate customer experience.


Outsource2Ossisto Business Processing Outsourcing services give you a choice of selecting your agents. We start the project only after you approve on our agent’s ability to handle calls.
A project lead is constantly monitoring the agent’s conversations and we regularly hold calibration sessions with our client to develop the perfect conversation model. Perfect attention is given to each stage of the project.
You name it, we have it. Outsource, your Inbound call management, telemarketing service, live chat support, technical support, BPaaS, CCTV monitoring services, outbound calls and email support services to us.
Confidential and proprietary business information are handled with utmost care. A need-only-basis access to information is followed on the floor.
Our agents are qualified professionals with many years of experience working in international BPOs. All of our experts understand English, possess great communication skill and have amazing analytical power.

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