Ossisto charges for all its services at a pocket-friendly price, helping even the small businesses get their works done in an effective way. However, pricing depends on the project and nature of the work. You can request for a consultation and an expert will contact you without any delay. The prices also vary, depending on the type of VA working for you. Technical or general VAs can work for you full-time or part-time and charges are different for the work that each party undertake. You do not have to worry about the pricing part as there are a lot many discounts, offers and referral programs exclusively designed for you. Most of our staunch customers have taken custom-made packages that cost them much lesser than relying on any other agencies.
You will be charged according to the hours of services Ossisto provide, and payment can be easily made by stripe, credit card or direct bank transfer.
Yes, you can opt to work with multiple VAs and outsource almost all kinds of business tasks. Many of our clients happen to choose more than 1 VA, as each of our specialist is talented in a particular field. Ossisto gives an option to the client to choose their virtual assistant.
With Ossisto, you do not have to micromanage your work assigned. A virtual operational manger (VOM) would timely manage all the projects. There are other ‘Customer Representative Experts’ working under the instruction of a VOM to support you. Support is assured for 24/7, through calls, texts, emails or any other comfortable means of communication. Complete assistance is guaranteed even when you are travelling.
Our VAs has proficiency in software and tools under various categories. Whether it is time-tracking tools, business apps and file sharing /storage apps, social media tools, online meeting software and other virtual assistant software; our experts can handle them adeptly.
Your key information and other business details are categorized under confidential information. Different steps are followed to fend off the hackers and maintain customer trust. Ossisto also follows the common cyber security and anti-virus protection directives. Non-disclosure provisions, agreements, access limitation, reviewing profiles of people who are dealing with the projects, encrypting sensitive data, managing data acquisition and data utilization, etc. are followed to maintain privacy of information.
If your VA takes a leave, he/she would inform you in prior. If it is a pre-planned leave, your VA can work with you to create a work schedule that would cover up for your lost hours. This is in case you are particular about working only with your chosen VA. If this is not mandatory, Ossisto provide an option for a temporary replacement. The temporary assistant will be briefed on the progress of a project while handing over the task and he or she will be as productive and methodical in contributing to the completion of the project. There can be other situations where work interruptions can occur due to power outages, internet issues or other similar kind of emergencies. In such a scenario, your assistant will notify you without any delay and Ossisto, would arrange for an alternate means to get the work done.
If you do not use up all the hours allotted in a month to avail Ossisto services, it won’t be carried forward to the next month; unless and otherwise specified.
In case of unsatisfactory work produced by your VA, Ossisto is obliged to find a replacement instantly. Nevertheless, such cases are a rare incident. All our experts are chosen after a thoroughly scrutinized selection procedure.

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