10 Blog Post Ideas for Your Virtual Assistant Blog

10 Content Ideas for Your Virtual Assistant Blog

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Do you know how important blogging is for virtual assistants? Blogging is an excellent way to drive website traffic, show your expertise, and get clients. Virtual assistants offer various services from bookkeeping, and content writing to social media management and blogging that can help you showcase your skills in front of your potential clients.

However, the question arises, what type of content should you create to attract the type of audience you want? To help you with this, here are 10 content and blog ideas for virtual assistants.

Start with a how-to article

Regardless of the subject matter, step-by-step how-to articles always work great. You can showcase your expert skills in the blog to the people who might be finding solutions that your service can provide them. For instance, you can write on how to manage your small-scale business efficiently. You can mention how your virtual assistant services can help the business owner manage the work without spending a lot of money.

Write about online tools

You can create a list of essential online tools every professional should use. Whether for note-taking, collaboration purposes, administration, or website tracking, there’s a tool available for everything nowadays. You can write about the best tools for different requirements. Or you can include the tools you personally use to manage your work. For instance, if you offer content writing services, you can write about editing or plagiarism checker tools or write about keyword and SEO optimization tools.

Write about someone you’ve interviewed recently

If you’re doing networking, highlighting some people you’re working with or recently came across is a great idea for your next post. This way, you can also show people that you’re connecting with others. In addition, you can interview the clients you’ve worked with to know their experience of working with you or how using VA services changed their game.

Explain how virtual assistants are different from employees

Though VA services are getting popular in recent times but not every employer knows about them. You could educate the potential clients by explaining that virtual assistants work independently and charge only for the hours they work for the employer. Also, emphasize how business owners can save a lot of money by hiring VAs. Unlike office employees, they don’t get any extra benefit except for their fees for the actual work done.

Try niche articles

Many people have this perception that virtual assistants only perform office work. But that’s not true. Many VAs have niche skills in web design, email marketing, content writing, accounting, and other areas. So, you can write a post highlighting such skills or the niche you work in. Such posts will establish you as an expert in your niche, thereby attracting more clients.

Write about the virtual assistant services you provide

If you provide virtual assistant services, write about the various tasks assistants can perform — like bookkeeping, social media management, project management, etc. However, make sure you include the services you can perform. You can also link the post to your own services page on the website.

Answer the questions you’ve been asked

Use real questions or queries you’ve received from your clients or other users. You can answer such questions in detail in your blog so more people can have a clearer picture of how your services work.

Share case studies

If you’ve worked with several clients, you can create case studies to show how your services helped past clients. Highlight the skills and approach you used and how it proved beneficial to the client. Also, share their reviews, testimonials, or personal experience about before and after situations.

List articles are great for getting more traffic

Posts created in a list form just like the one you’re reading now provide valuable information to the clients in an easy manner. For example, you can write articles such as “10 reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant” or “top 5 reasons why content writing should be left to the professionals.” When information is written in points, readers tend to read it till the end.

Explain how you can bring a change to an existing business

To attract clients to hire you, you must present yourself in a good way. Try writing a blog that explains how your services can change the existing business or why they should hire you.

Wrapping Up

While writing your blog, don’t forget to add a call to action. The reader should know how to reach you after reading the blog. Then, you can simply link your service or website page to the blog. Now it’s time for you to write; however, make sure you add all the essential elements a blog post requires.

Not a professional writer? Don’t worry, you can get professionals to write for you. If you’re too busy with other services you provide or have no experience writing blog posts. In that case, you can hire a professional writer from another VA service company like https://ossisto.com/ to do the task for you.

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