Outsource your blogging tasks and scale-up the content efforts

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Outsource your blogging tasks and scale-up the content efforts

Are you consistently writing blogs for your business, and see no conversions or readership? Did you know that there are 70 million blog posts written and published by WordPress users every month? (Source: hostingtribunal.com) Are you sure that the content you created won’t sink in this enormous ocean of words? If not, it is high time for you to rely for outsourcing options.

The old mediums of communicating ideas and dissemination of information through written content such as letters, newspapers and magazines are slowly becoming obsolete. The paradigm shift to online content has created new opportunities for businesses to reach its prospects and customers much faster. Today, content marketing is one of the top priorities set by B2B strategists and blogging is their most powerful tool.

However, most of the marketers face an up-hill struggle when it comes to producing quality content, competitive enough to stand out. Hiring a subject matter expertise to write the content is a costly affair. So, how would small businesses get their blogging tasks done in a winning way? The solution is to outsource the tasks to a reliable VA agency. This Ossisto blog post focuses on the blogging tasks that can be outsourced and show you how it would up-scale an organization’s content efforts. So, have a wonderful read.


Consistent blogging helps businesses create relevant brand awareness. Well, this is not the only perk. Right blogging will steer a business towards gaining exceptional search engine optimization boost and lead them to emerge as an industry leader. Also, writing informative blogs will drive traffic to the website and produce long-term results. The fact is that it totally depends on business to business on why blogging is done, what topics they choose and which platforms they prefer to post online. If the shelf life of a blog is longer, it would attract readers even years later after publishing.

According to newscred.com, one of the top leaders in the marketing service arena, an average time spent by a reader on a blog post is 37 seconds. So, the challenge is to gain the attention of a relevant reader, hook them to the write-up and catch hold of their undivided attention. The hurdle doesn’t end with writing a powerful content; there are many sub tasks for giving it all the powers to get the predetermined results. Post writing, it should be supplemented with attractive visual elements and then marketed correctly using trending digital marketing strategies. So, just writing is not fine. Blogging is a smart art in itself and not every business is artistic.


If you have ever worked for a digital marketing agency; you will be having a bigger picture on how businesses go about blogging. Otherwise, you would be thinking that blogging is just about writing, editing and posting the content. Well, the aforementioned tasks are important, but there are many other primary and secondary tasks to list out.  As listing makes things clearer; so find below the major blogging tasks.

Outsource your blogging tasks and scale-up the content efforts
  1. Keyword research
  2. Blog topic research
  3. Blog calendar management
  4. Blog writing
  5. Content editing and proofreading
  6. Lead magnet creation
  7. Link building
  8. Selecting images, graphics and other supplementary creative features
  9. Blog posting
  10. Blog analytics
  11. Comment moderation    

From the current economic point of view, small and medium businesses cannot afford to dedicate a considerable amount of time for just the blogging purpose, yet it is a crucial task. Now the question that will arise in a person’s mind would be, ‘won’t a content writer or a freelancer be sufficient to create great content strategies? The answer is ‘no’.

A freelancer or a content writer may be good at writing, but when it comes to other tasks, the skill set may or may not match. To have an in-house digital marketing and content desk demands for hiring, training and resource allocation. Not all businesses can afford it and, not every expert can be a Jack of all traders. This is when outsourcing gets the limelight.


The good news is that all of the listed tasks in this blog can be outsourced. The benefits are humongous. Take a look at it.

  • Save time and money. A reliable virtual assistant agency will have the right talent, technology and resources to roll out a solid blogging project.
  • Expect top quality. Professionals working with an organization like Ossisto will have great work experiences, making them master content creators and digital marketers. They would be able to point out minute details that would help in creating success stories.
  • Say goodbye to Micromanagement. The best agencies will have project leaders who would take care of a project flow, leaving more time for you to concentrate on tasks that bring revenue.
  • Gain technological advantage. To have all the best tools and technology that will help in faster blogging process need investment and talent.  This extra expenditure can be avoided by outsourcing blogging tasks to a trustworthy agency.

An agency would charge based on project difficulty or by the number of hours used up to complete a project. Mostly, an agency does not charge a client only for the technology used, unless it is a special project. So, get the value additions of technology by outsourcing blogging tasks.

  • Add creative elements. The popular belief is that anyone can be taught to be creative. But when it comes to blogging, businesses need someone who is naturally creative. In a fast paced environment, nobody can teach anyone to be creative and then use the skill. What happens in an organization like Ossisto is that experts are hand-picked and they are tested not only on technical skills but also to see their creative geniuses.

Well, now you know that outsourcing blogging tasks are a healthy business decision. So, get it done on a budget and avoid mediocre fly-by-night freelancers.

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