10 steps to help you become a successful virtual assistant

successful virtual assistant

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In the age of digital media, it is important to capitalize on the growing world centered around the web. As a result, most business enterprises are opening positions for virtual assistants to give real-time service to their online community.

Though the job may seem pretty advantageous with the personnel not necessarily required to be physically present, a few initiatives need to be taken up from your side to become a successful virtual assistant.

The job position does provide one with many perks but is only befitting for people who are willing to cross over the points below!

1. Be organized: Being organized is one of the ways you can show your professionalism. Work from home may have dissolved the boundaries between the professional and personal world but do maintain the decorum. Set a designated space in your living unit.

Check all the necessary gadgets you’ll need while working for your consumer. Since many files and drafts will be shared by you, make sure security does not become an issue.

2. Calendar: Have a calendar that marks all the important upcoming schedules. Being a freelancer (or even a part of a professional company), you must meet the deadlines. Hence, have a realistic idea of what requires how much time to be completed and fill your schedule accordingly.

Evaluation of one’s capability is critical here as ignoring this may result in over or under work. However, at the same time, do leave a period to rejuvenate yourself!

3. Progress tracking: You have to be up-to-date with the progress of the assistance you have provided. The virtual world is an ever-changing sea of information. One tiny change causes a cascade of effects which can also affect your works.

Hence, it is vital to keep monitoring and have a routine follow-up of the assistance that is still valid on the day.

4. Back-up files: There always lies a possibility where your files may get lost. Be it getting corrupted or data is deleted, the glitches may happen anytime. But alas, being personnel that gives virtual assistance, you’ll be caretaker of a lot of information. Hence, be on the safe side and have copies of the important data stored safely on multiple clouds.

5. Communication: You are required to understand the needs of the client and deliver to their needs accordingly. Now here, there are bound to be clashes of ideas, different approaches to work…etc. But as a service provider, you must have enough skills to put forth your suggestions and bring out better prospects for the company.

6. Improve your knowledge: This goes without saying and is valid in all fields of life. You need to keep updating yourself with the latest features to match up with the requirements. Whenever time permits, try to build the expertise in one aspect so that your value increases.

7. Do away with the distraction: With a liberal time frame, you can schedule the work accordingly. First, however, be clear about your professional commitments. Set your priorities and complete the deadlines before letting the cozy feeling of the home grow on you. Setting up a designated workspace is the first step towards the same.

8. Grow together: When you partner with a company, mutual growth is essential. Hence, feel free to question and clarify things that center around shared interests. But, of course, this calls for you to have proficient knowledge in your field and basic knowledge about your business partners.

9. Venture into possibilities: Virtual assistance opens the door for a lot of avenues. A glance at major companies shows the wide range of virtual elements that they control. As time allows you to grow and expand your knowledge, you can venture to other branches and improve the service quality.

10. Develop skills: A virtual assistant requires to meet more than just execution skills. You need to step up on your rapport building and communication to let the company rely on you. In addition, you need to develop quick thinking to address any glitches immediately. Though all these do come from experience, building them beforehand sure helps you rise the ladders faster!


A virtual assistant is expected to perform a series of tasks as mentioned in the job profile. They assist in multiple disciplines of the online marketing ranking, from content creation to documentation. A professional team, for example, Ossisto, provides its customer personal virtual assistance, business support. Bookkeeping, content writing, digital marketing, graphic designing, and business consulting. Similarly, other top websites would cover a broad range of online services.

To become a successful virtual assistant, you can either join a professional team or start solo. Start with deciding the services you can provide and the time that can be offered. Then, based on the above two, you can enlist with companies and be their virtual assistant!

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