5 Most Powerful Video Marketing Strategies for 2022

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Brand video marketing strategies creation calls for immense talent and resources. However, an organization cannot avoid it despite its expensive and time-consuming nature.

When the word ‘video marketing’ strategies remind most of us of video ads, the truth is that it is multi-faceted. Today, open the internet, and you will find explainer videos, testimonials, product reviews, tutorials, live streams, etc. So, there is a huge demand for brand video creators in the market. From an organization’s point of view, it is an uphill struggle, not just to create a video for the namesake, but to bring about an output that is powerful enough to break free of the competition.

Read on to find the best video marketing strategies that would actually work in 2022.



Though the main intention behind most brand video creation is sales and marketing strategies ; without a story thread, it is mundane. Storytelling hooks the audience’s attention faster if it is supplemented with great creativity.

A well-crafted narrative should have,

  • A punchy beginning, an explanatory body and a tapered well-articulated conclusion
  • Engaging content boosted with statistical data
  • A consistent message throughout
  • Creative factors. Well, adding humor is not a sin at all
  • SEO keywords

According to a recent research report published by MarketSmiths, if people like a brand story, 55% more likely they are going to purchase that particular brand’s products and services.

However, a video brand storytelling is not a regular ‘once upon a time story’, it is rather a 1-2 minute opportunity to portray a brand story or of a product or of a service.

Well, what not to do with brand Video marketing strategies content is putting across too many points and complicating the plot.

A great storytelling video is immensely persuasive. But this doesn’t mean over-do, whether it be the content or the creative execution.



Interactive video content is the new cool. Create it and post it on popular social media sites to gain popularity. Viral videos are not just an overnight success story. It takes colossal efforts.

Also, interactive videos combine content with experience and paves way for gaining more user feedback. Those companies that make use of strong static video content may or may not reach their goals and face extremely difficult situations when it comes to measuring the success rate.

A Few Things to Remember While Working Around Interactive Content:

  • Create high-quality authentic content. Copy-paste is an absolute ‘no’.
  • Come up with concepts that are different from the competitors.
  • Play around with stunning graphics, write-ups, audio, photographs, etc.
  • Make sure the video output is converted to different formats for various social media posting purposes. For instance, the regular Facebook feed video is MP4. Similarly, other platforms have their specific formats and specifications. 
  • Use reliable software for video creation. Free software available online for creative video production and editing may not be always trustworthy.
  • Know the popular social media video marketing strategies and trends.

Some of the most remarkable trends in 2022:

  1. Almost 500 million people around the globe watch Facebook videos every day
  2. Most watched videos has no sound
  3. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on a regular basis

(Source: https://neilpatel.com/)

Subject matter experts suggest that by 2022, more website traffic will be for the published video content. However, without losing quality, getting an interactive video uploaded on various social media platform is a true challenge.  

Throughout a prospect’s buying journey, a video plays a major role. Making it interactive helps the users in taking impactful decisions.



The year 2020 murdered many business’s video marketing strategies, branding and advertising plans. However, ‘Live Videos’ aided businesses in reaching out faster to their prospects locked in their homes and within closed borders of their nation due to Corona virus spread.

Live video has an unsung authenticity, unlike a preplanned video stunt. Also, many brands have taken Celebrity endorsement to a new level, where celebrities come live in favor of their products and services. Brands are exploiting live feature of social media platforms to the fullest.

Also, broadcasting in real time doesn’t require heavy cameras or costly editing software. It can be done using a simple smart phone. 

Gone are those days of large camera crews, computer programmers and gigantic video cameras.

Recently, New York Magazine, along with Livestream conducted a fascinating study that revealed how desirable live video contents are. Around 80% of participants readily agree that they would watch a live video, rather than pre-recorded ones.

Meaningful live videos that helps prospects make sensible purchase decisions gain more comments, shares and likes.

However, a product or service success story can’t be determined alone on video marketing strategies.

Especially, if a brand is struggling to establish itself, try going live with genuine requests and call for action content. Response will be much higher than writing a blog or simply uploading a poster.

Negative aspects of going live can be avoided by carefully treading on the right path highlighted by common practices.

When the brand ambassador or the spokesperson go live:

  • Make sure not to drag the message to a point that forces the audience to drop out of the session.
  • Give meaningful messages.
  • Don’t overexpose brand internal matters.
  • Keep emotions at the bay.
  • Don’t talk about sensitive/ controversial topics, unless it’s a strategically planned topic.
  • Give away points on how a product or services will be a value addition to the customers.
  • Be creative even if it is a few seconds live.
  • Beware of inappropriate video marketing strategies placements, mannerisms and capturing to avoid unnecessary embarrassments.
  • Don’t overuse filters, especially on the neo-modern social media platforms.



To build viewer interest throughout a video, an editor’s role is enormous. Editing is an art and so is video marketing strategies. Combine these two to create a powerful output that actually works with audience.

Here are the top video editing tips for brand marketers:

  • Prerecorded market videos should have pointers, taglines, headers and other written content. Edit for legibility and effective readability.
  • Remove the excess footages, it any.
  • Rely on popular platforms such as After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, etc.
  • Strictly follow traditional rule 321. This means, make 3 copies of any brand video marketing strategies created, save it in at least 2 different spaces and 1 totally separate from the other storage locations. 
  • Edit for strong narrative, creativity and flow.
  • Choose relevant back ground music, but it should never be overpowering.
  • Edit for formats, resolution, and color correction and for other technical aspects.
  • Make sure to strike a balance between creativity and intention behind a video. At the end of the day marketing strategies. videos should result in good conversions.



  • If you thought, SEO is mandatory only for blogs and website content; then you are wrong. Optimization is to be done for Video descriptions, titles, etc.
  • Descriptions should have the keywords the people use while generally searching for a product or a service offered.
  • Follow the right optimization practices relevant to specific social media platforms.
  • Take analytics seriously. If a video is not producing enough engagement rates, go ahead and make the necessary changes.
  • Make use of hashtags, especially on trending platforms such as Instagram.
  • Incorporate ‘Call to Action’ aspects in a video.


Whether you have a start-up or an established business, setting a video marketing strategies goal is relevant, considering the fact that around 54% of people would love to see a video based on the products and services they would like to purchase and avail in the future.

So, why not create video marketing strategies that actually convert?

Contact one of the Ossisto video marketing strategies creators and go par the creative boundaries.

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