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Website virtual assistant is a virtual assistant that can help you in designing and development of your website. They also help in website maintenance.

In the year 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee developed the first website, he wouldn’t have ever imagined that 3 decades later an assembly of websites would populate various search engines. Interestingly, there are 1.94 billion websites in the world. Let another decade pass by, you would see then a revolutionary change where all the businesses would be done online and that means you will witness a steady increase in the number of websites in the upcoming years.

The probability of your website getting noticed thus depends on various factors. If your intention is to swarm internet with another poor website, it is not worthy. However, everybody is not good at this discipline. The smarter choice would be to get a Virtual Assistant help to guide you come out of the vicious cycle of ‘all-surface-no-substance’ sites.

Some of the best features of a website noticed by everybody have features incredible, that makes it unique. The creators of such websites work around concepts such as:

  • Site-loading factors
  • Smart-phone compatibility
  • SEO Savvy
  • Progressive web applications
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Clarity
  • Appearance
  • Purpose

The importance of a website is indispensable in running a successful business. A recent article published by Sweor says that it will take only about 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website. So, how to silence the snap judgements and improve the perceptions of credibility? The only answer is to deploy strategies that are truly user-friendly over other crucial factors.

The perfect art and science of having a robust website involves 6 major steps.

  • Information Assembly
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and Delivery
  • Maintenance

To make this practical, you need someone who is knowledgeable, perhaps a specialist. Check out the average salary of a web developer in Google and you will get the search result as ‘the average salary for a Web Developer is $71,576 per year in the United States’. Web designer, they demand approximately $49,234 per year.

Supposedly, if you are a startup firm or an entrepreneur juggling tasks over tasks without a stop, you may not be able to oversee website development and maintenance functions exclusively. A perfect alternate solution to this problem is to assign tasks of paramount importance to a virtual assistant. If you doubt the calibre of a virtual assistant or an agency, those thoughts are just inefficacious.

A virtual assistant can help in almost all the phases of a website lifecycle. The services include website development, website redesigning services, CMS website design and development, web design services, web typography, app design and development, digital marketing services and anything you can recall involving website design and development.

Exclusive details on how virtual assistants help businesses in web development and maintenance:

Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant web developer/designer


Research Phase


Developing a website doesn’t happen overnight. The experts should do qualitative and quantitative research and assemble the information required for the development. A virtual assistant can do research tasks such as analysing and understanding the market, competitor study, pricing studies and understanding how challengers are selling their products and services online.

Research helps in understanding which website is performing well in the market. Designing a unique website is possible only through such in-depth analysis. Ultimate research-based websites will meet 2 business intentions:

  • Predetermined goals expected from the site
  • Tasks you expected the site to perform

This phase is called as discovery phase as all the relevant information are gathered to have a smooth website creation process. Multiple possible wrong situations can be avoided such as a case of over expenditure during design phase.

Businesses can produce research-based insights for later web development and maintenance stage as well. Understanding interrelations between different components or how they align with the specific business objectives or something else that is crucial; the scope of research is humongous. A virtual assistant can do it with dedication and preciseness using various tools or software. Research virtual assistants can combine research, personas and journey mapping to produce the constructive website that suits the end users.

It is not that an inhouse employee can’t do the research tasks, but a virtual assistant can do it cost-effectively.

Development and Design Phase


Web development tasks involve web designing, client-side/server-side scripting, e-commerce development, network security configuration, web content development or any workflow related to developing and designing a website. An expert at development should have a thorough knowledge on,

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript or/and programming languages
  • Relationship between various devices and web browsers
  • User interface (UI) and user experience
  • Principles of web security
  • Various software packages and technologies and much more

A virtual assistant web developer/designer is an expert who can offer all the above comprehensive web development/design services along with value addition offerings. They can help you with:

  • Web development
  • Generate responsive design
  • Create ultimate content
  • Unique development and design approaches
  • Developing website based on brand, coding and accessibility standards
  • Web designing: graphic designing, logo designing, branding, story boarding. i.e., creating a striking digital experience.

A virtual assistant can provide all the above at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Moreover, your stress can be reduced. An appropriate experience is guaranteed. For ensuring more comfort, it is better to approach a service provider that has excellent working environments giving employees freedom to showcase their best. The ones that have experienced professionals working for them encouraging direct, open and effective communication. The virtual assistants can be the magic employees for your company.

Web Maintenance Phase

Maintenance of websites at regular intervals is a must. Every maintenance professional face issue like domain name expiration, outdated content or broken links calling for immediate attention. Such issues can literally kill your website.

Some of the best website maintenance practices includes checking domain name at least once in a year, making sure updates are not ignored especially of development platforms such as WordPress; a total ignorance towards this may result in broken links and images. Maintenance tasks also include supplementing the portal with fresh content, assuring backlinks in the website are devoid of discrepancies, testing the website across multiple browsers, solving slow load time issues, controlling data backup or proofreading the newly updated content.

These tasks demand full time attention of an expert. That is exactly what a virtual assistant would be offering, an undivided attention to your website. An in-house employee may have to work on various projects at any given point of time and unless the organization is a multimillion conglomerate, they wouldn’t hire a specialist. If yours is a small organization or a start-up, make use of virtual assistant services.

Website design, content writing, search engine marketing, logo design, corporate identity development and much more, this helps your business in reducing the labour costs, increasing the productivity, reducing risks in scaling operations and most importantly save time. Their willingness to keep an eye on the trend is why they could provide appreciable services.

Did you know:

  • An improved website loading speed can prevent 7% of possible conversation loss
  • An attractive website design attracts more visitors
  • An average website loading speed is expected to be at 2 seconds or less
  • More than 60% of visitors expect to find company’s contact information in the home page
  • It is most likely that a visitor jumps to the next search result if your site is not mobile-friendly
  • A content created by an expert is less likely to be questioned or scrutinized
  • More that 70% of people want a mobile-friendly website
  • Most people say no to plain and boring content
  • Some reliable sources say that 91% of small business doesn’t have a responsive website despite the steady increase of mobile phone users
  • In an interesting report published by BP studios, a digital marketing agency; purchasing decisions are made on social media posts

Website development, design and maintenance is a huge responsibility; a virtual assistant can decrease these efforts by providing a clear roadmap. All you must do is entrust them with the tasks and stay competitive.

Pick a Professional Website Virtual Assistant

  • Professional website maintenance expert
  • Tailored WooCommerce store maintenance for more performance
  • Theme installation and customization that matches your brand
  • The right Landing Page design to hook in leads
  • Seamlessly Install WordPress onto your Web Server
  • Provided full coverage for your Plugin installation to configuration
  • Excellent Content management to shine your work and bring desired results
  • In-depth Keyword Research for better visibility
  • Search engine optimization

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