What Does A Graphic Designer Do And How To Choose The Right One?

Graphic Designer

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You must have heard about the term ‘graphic designing’ or would have come across the term while surfing the internet. Someone who is outside the perimeters of the IT industry or the designing world may not be totally aware of what a graphic designer does or how to choose the right talent.

This blog is all about explaining the job profile of a graphic designer and a short guide on how to choose the right designer. Read on.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer is a professional working in the graphic design and art industry. They bring together images, typography, or motion graphics formats to create a brilliant ensemble of design. They use various software platforms to create artistic creations.

Most of the designers work in design studios and a few others work in organizations that require their services. Though, many established graphic designers are individual contributors and independent workers.

Graphic Designer

If you think graphic designing came into existence only after the advent of the computer era, you are wrong. Historians and academicians point out that graphic design existed all throughout human existence.

The only difference is that the medium was different in various eras. Cave paintings, Chinese printing, European heraldry, are all examples. But Graphic Designing in the modern form that we are familiar got established after the invention of the Gutenberg press.

Later on with the help of the right technological advancements artists, technicians and designers got a new professional opportunity. They can now work as a ‘Graphic Designer’.

The first ever Graphic Designing agency was established in the year 1903. The organization’s name was ‘The Wiener Werkstätte’. However, it is after 1950s, Graphic Designers got introduced to the software platforms that made their work easier. In 1990s, Adobe released Photoshop.

And you know it is the most sought platform for amateurs and professional designers around the globe. From then own progression of visual communication is steadfastly changing.

A Typical Day Of A Graphic Designer

What does a designer do on a daily basis is an interesting subject to read on. They are not just sitting in front of the system compiling artistic pieces, images, video clips and other formats. There is so much more that they do for the completion of a well-executed project. The below points will give you a gist on how their work life looks like.

Graphic Design

Meeting and discussions

A graphic designer may be assigned to just create a logo. But he or she needs to understand what exactly the clients require. Client’s input is absolutely necessary for the smooth execution of a project.

Preparation and Selection

It is the duty of a Designer to choose the right elements that are suitable to the undertaken projects. Layouts, typeface, images, etc, that suit the vision of the clients.


This stage is where most Graphic Designers spend most of their work hours. Each designer will be proficient in one or more Graphical Designing platforms such as In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Creative Cloud, etc. They work with the help of these platforms to state-of-the-art designs. In short, a  Designer usually sticks onto their desk most of their time.


Before a Graphic Designer ends up their workday, it is mandatory for them to save the work in the appropriate format and share it with the client or the art director.

There are various kinds of graphic design project that a professional graphic designer indulges in:

Brand Identity Graphic Design

When a designer is working on the creative aspects for building a brand name, it is nothing but a brand Identity graphic design project. It can be anything ranging from creating a logo design, brochures, brand-specific typefaces, etc.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

When art and designs are churned out for marketing and advertising purpose, it is called as a marketing and advertising graphic design. Banners, print ads, posters, advertorial designs, vehicle wraps, PowerPoint presentations, social media ads, etc. are all designed to advertise a product or a service.

User Interface Graphic Design

A user interface (UI) is all about how a user interacts with a device. UI interfaces need to be designed user-friendly. Webpage design, game interface design, app design are all examples of a user interface graphic design.

Publication Graphic Design

When a graphic designer is working on the creative aspect of a publication like a book or a magazine, it is nothing but a publication graphic design. Book cover design, newspaper designs, magazine designs, etc are all the right examples.

Packaging Graphic Design

There are times when  designers are creating design elements for packaging. It can be a bag or a bottle or a box. This is not too easy because it touches too many disciplines. Here, a graphic designer is definitely creating a brand identity through visual storytelling.

Motion Graphic Design

This kind of graphic design requires skills to work with moving formats such as audio, video, television or film. It is truly fun working with motion graphics and the opportunity for creative input is huge.

Choosing the Right Graphic Designer

Understanding the scope of the industry, there are thousands of people who are currently working as a graphic designer. Choosing the right one is truly tricky. So, if you are in search of an efficient designer.

Graphic Designer

Check on a few things before finalizing on hiring the person:

An experienced graphic designer will have a sample portfolio of the projects he or she have had completed for established brands and organizations

Originality totally matters. The best designers are people with great ideas along with creativity. They just don’t copy paste and create another cliché design

A true graphic designer understands that his or her work won’t be approved in one go. So, choose someone with great patience.
Check with the person on his knowledge on technology and graphic design platforms. Hire a quick learner anyway.

Well, a hardcore graphic designer is someone who understands that it is more than a profession, it is an art form that requires practice and perfection.

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