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How would you benefit from using CCTV Monitoring Services?

Surveillance is an important aspect of security in the world, presently. CCTV footages have become crucial factors in solving crimes and issues that threaten livelihood in their entirety. But it’s not often that CCTV companies have the right workforce to man their cameras. Hence, it would be better for them to hire a virtual CCTV invigilator assistant to get a better hang over their services at an economical price.

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Maintenance of CCTV Supervising Applications

Why choose Ossisto’s CCTV Monitoring Services?

Our security experts have, in their years of service in the industry, built a great aptitude for constructing a set framework that will augment your CCTV monitoring abilities greatly. Hence, you will be guaranteed of exceptional quality.

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ISO Certification

Ossisto Technologies Pvt. Ltd Receives ISO Certification

New Jersey, January 2019 – Ossisto Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a frontrunner in virtual assistance companies has announced today, that they have been certified of ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification has been received for its ITES & IT services which include Virtual Personal Assistance, Business Support, Bookkeeping, IT & Website Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Content Writing Services.

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ISO Certification


A : In this case, our assistants make use of cutting edge monitoring and video enhancing technology to give enough clarity to any footage that is in dire need of it.
A : We use state-of-the-art IP camera technology for greater network bandwidth and enhanced surveillance capacity.


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