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How would you benefit from using Animation Services?

Animation today, isn’t restricted to Disney or big budget Hollywood movies. Short videos that aim to concisely spread important messages or marketing videos too, have the need for it. But since they don’t come cheap, it is recommended that small businesses outsource this service for an economical benefit or larger firms do so, if they haven’t got an in-house animation expert.

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Animation, graphic design services

Visual Effects

One of the most basic properties of an animation service is visual effects. They add life to an otherwise flat or plain project. Whether its adding particle effects as a transition or compositing, our animators come with the right know how on what goes where. To take it a step further, you will not have to worry about how spectacular your videos are going to look in the end.

Animation, graphic design services


Our animatics service doesn’t just include all that is needed to make your marketing/ advertising project come alive, but it’s also cost effective. Photomatics, 2D and 3D animatics are just a few of the specialties of this animation package we provide.

Animation, graphic design services

3D Animation Rendering

The rendering process albeit very simple and common forms the crux of the animation process. 3D animation specifically needs animators to be careful with this and make good use of it. Our services are for those who are looking for such a service for a remunerative price but with great quality still intact.

Animation, graphic design services


Our team is devoted to give you the best animation experience you can ask for the price we offer. That said, our rotoscoping work does exude a great attention to detail and creative capacity. From high quality VFX rotoscoping techniques to stereo rotoscoping, we can do it all.

Animation, graphic design services

3D Animation

Though 3D animation isn’t new, there are still many ways people can go wrong. Our experts on the other hand, make the best of the latest and most advanced technology available in the market, to give you the best results. Our team’s animation prowess will not leave you disappointed.

Animation, graphic design services

2D Animation

2D animation goes beyond than just the cartoons we watched as children, to day, it is widely used for both marketing, advertising and entertainment purposes. Our animators understand that each of these industries have a different need for 2D and will reflect that knowledge onto the project they work on.

Animation, graphic design services

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation breeds clarity to a project that includes various visual moving parts. Our storyboard experts will help you break down images, scenes or shots to add a distinctive perspective and feel to the entire project without losing its soul.

Animation, graphic design services

Flash Animation

Flash animation demands the need for a specific software called adobe flash. If you don’t have the software at your disposal, outsource the same to our animators to give you one of the best, interactive and creative flash animation solutions in the market.

Why choose Ossisto’s Animation Services?

The animation team at Ossisto has had several years of experience in catering to diverse client project across various industries. Incidentally this has also fine-tuned their skills to be the best of the best whilst enhancing their creative intelligence to another level entirely.

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