Organize your emails for enhanced productivity, with Ossisto.

How would you benefit from using Email Management Services?

A disorganized inbox is a huge obstacle in efficient business management. But, it’s not often that people have the time to sort it out. Hence, a virtual assistant aims at bridging this gap for you.

Our services

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Setting up
notification and alerts

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Subscription and
disapproval of
mails and newsletters

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Managing and
responding to myriad

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Email Organizer

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Email Migration

Why choose Ossisto’s Email Management Services?

Our assistants are perfectly equipped to aid you with the smallest to the largest of tasks. They will not just ensure an organized inbox but also see to that the day to day reminders and activities are being adhered to.

Our Specialties

email management

Swift Response

Priority to Confidentiality

Automated action



Ossisto hasn’t just helped me have a presentable inbox, but has saved me from a lot of embarrassing moments from occurring.

– Julie Musial

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Case Study


The Client

The clients are a U.S based supply chain financial services provider. They provide an invoice factoring service to the transportation industry. They also aid global businesses who desire expansion or have new equipment needs, with instant working capital.

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A :No. Once a virtual assistant has been assigned to you, she/he will manage the inbox in its entirety.


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