Essential 10 Tools That will Help Every Virtual Assistant Business

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From wheel, electricity, telephone, internet to artificial intelligence; each technological innovation and discovery is to make the life of human easy and speed up the work. Virtual Assistant Business has no other way than depending on technology and tools to ensure consistent, high-quality and fast project deliverance. Every virtual assistant needs a toolkit to work efficiently and take the business to the next level,  Some of the essential tools that virtual assistants use not only help in task completion but also in measuring productivity, tracking and in the automation of daily activities. There are 100s of virtual assistant tools which can be listed, but the below tools are the best of all.

10 Best Virtual Assistant Tools:

10 virtual assistant tools

List of Best Virtual Assistant Tools:

1. pCloud

2. Canva

3. Skype

4. Bitrix24

5. HelloFax

6. Buffer

7. Upwork

8. Paypal

9. Asana

10. Grammarly


pCloud - virtual assistant tools

pCloud is the best and easy to use cloud storage solution for virtual assistant businesses. All the features of pCloud are intended to help individuals working with huge data and information. It is a cool tool for VA, bloggers, designers, video editors and other digital marketing professionals. On signing up, one get 10 GB free cloud storage. Saving, storing and accessing files is super easy with pCloud. Specific features include; unlimited data storage, safe data backup and easy accessibility. You have now no reason to lose your work even if your system crashes because pCloud storage helps you save unlimited data.


canva - virtual assistant tools

In the virtual assistant industry, everybody should know the basics of writing, designing and editing even though these are out of their own respective job framework. Canva is one of the ‘easy-to-use’ tool for beginners to create stunning designs. Canva can be a go-to virtual assistant tool for creating simple designs. All one has to do is to search for the best photographs, graphics and fonts in the Canva search bar, drag the chosen elements and create incredible designs. It is as simple as that.


Skype - virtual assistant tools

Virtual assistants work remotely for a client who sits kilometers away. Skype can be used as a medium for easy connectivity among people. The features like low-cost international calling, instant messaging and video calling facilities can help reduce the overall cost of a virtual assistant business. Skype, a 2003 tool needs no introduction in the business world. It is one of the best available ‘work smart’ tool for virtual assistant.



Bitrix24 is a free social enterprise platform that helps organizations to handle many aspects of their daily operations hassle free. Bitrix24 provides a complete suite for virtual assistants to manage their projects, share files, communicating facilities between individuals, calendars and more. Bitrix24 is one of the best virtual assistant tools for managing time and projects.



No VA business can survive without sending and receiving faxes. If you are one among the top management sending faxes would be a regular activity. So for such people, HelloFax can certainly prove to be a blessing.  It will help create a paperless business environment by assisting people to send faxes from their own system. One can send multiple faxes at the same time and that too electronically. Try it out and experience this new technology.


Buffer - virtual assistant tools

Most virtual assistant organizations provide marketing services. It can be social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing or some other kind of marketing. Each professional indulged in the project need a tool that helps them to schedule posts, analyze performance, manage all the accounts at one single space and other marketing activities. This VA tool will help in scheduling social media posts and content. That is exactly what Buffer offers. One can create calendars, track top performing content, schedule posts and much more.


Upwork - virtual assistant tools

If you are a VA looking for the right set of projects,  upwork would be the right place to search for them. One can choose from free or paid plans. Other feature includes the facility to verify freelance work history, dedicated account management, worker classification compliance services, Job post and talent sourcing assistance, premium customer support and much more.


Paypal - virtual assistant tools

You would have just started your virtual assistant business on a minimal budget and may or may not afford your own in-house accounts department within your organization. PayPal is an online platform for hassle-free money transactions. It has got features like barcode scanning, online invoicing, inventory tracking, bills me later facilities, etc. The application can be used on any device and it can be cloud hosted.


asana - virtual assistant tools

Asana is a work management platform that can be used within the organizations to track and manage the work. It is widely being used since 2011. It is easy to use as compared to the other project management tools like Trello or Smartsheet available in the market. Asana follows a minimalistic approach to avoid cluttering of features. One can assign tasks, create calendars, track tasks, add followers, get real-time updates and much more with Asana.



VAs have to write content on a daily basis for various purposes. It can be in content marketing or it can be for the day to day business operations, whatsoever content creation cannot be avoided. One can rely on Grammarly to create sentences without mistakes. It has got advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure. It also comes with vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

Virtual assistants are game changers for small businesses and startups. According to a reliable source, the number of businesses relying on virtual assistants is ever increasing. So, those in this industry would be using all the reliable virtual assistant tools that help them reduce the overall business cost and help them stand out from the competition. However, always remember that how much ever you invest in tools, it won’t be equal to an investment in the human resource. A great team and carefully chosen tools is the right combination.

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    I agree, pCloud is a great solution and their Lifetime deal is a great saving in the long-term 🙂

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