Outlook Productivity & Organization Tips- to save the day

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What’s Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has become a safe place for people to manage their personal information. Microsoft offers this software, one of the most used email applications. Microsoft Outlook has amazing features that one could use to organize and make your day even more productive. In this article, we have mentioned some of the tips which you could use to make your day productive and organize your Outlook.

outlook , outlook productivity , organize your Outlook, business support

  • Dictation: using speech to type: one of the best features Microsoft has and is undeniably very beneficial is the use to dictate. This makes your work comparatively faster and more efficient. This can come in handy when you have an early work project you want to do.
  • Flagging your mails: flagging your emails allows you to see which emails you have responded to and keep track of those emails. The other feature, along with flagging your mail, outlooks allow is the ” Recipient follow up the flag” this allows the user to categorize the recipient mail and make a task list. You can easily find this option in the message ribbon button, and you can customize it by adding date, time, and other reminders.
  • Creating tasks from email and tracking: This feature allows you to add additional information along with flagging an item for future follow-ups. You can convert your emails to tasks and add all the additional information. Adding mail to tasks is easy, and you can add notes and other additional information and continue to use Outlook.
  • One note integration: one note is a place that allows you to organize various amounts and kinds of information. You can do various tasks, like making notes, and you can even create flags and quickly add things to your To-do tab. You can save emails, and you can do three simple tasks like from highlights and then save the email and click on the One Note icon, which is on the home tab and save the email wherever you want.
  • Conferencing Integration: in this world, the online world and the meetings room have seen more new conventions using tools like Teams and WebEx. Then Outlook is one of the best options to offer you video and other audio webinars and conference calls. One can easily share their screen and content through the presentation, and more Outlook offers. You can even schedule your meetings and make new team meetings with the tabs present on the Home button.
  • Stay focused and clear the culture: Outlook allows you to declutter features that allow you to prioritize your mails and other messages and folders. The clutter feature is very helpful as it will help analyze your emails, and based on the past analysis, it will determine which message you are most likely to ignore. It will, on its own, move the message to a folder that you can review later. Clutter helps you sort emails in preferences, and you can even manually declutter your folder.
  • Automating your Inbox with Mailbox: mailbox rules help you reduce repetitive action and help you manage your mails and other emails. Creating rules is very simple in Outlook. By clicking on the rule option and further selecting the managed rules and alerts, a dialog box will pop up, which will show you email rules, and by choosing new rules, you can create templates and start from blank rules.
  • Email templates: using email templates that are already designed to send a specific type of email makes the work a lot easier, and you can use this to know which more information you might want to add or change. You can save the template and then reuse it when needed in the future and make the best use of it. Creating a template is very much easy, and you can do it in a few simple steps, which are as follows:
    • Make a new email and add the subjects and body for which you desire to create templates.
    • In the message option, select the file button and click on save as
    • A dialog box that appears up in the save as an option and allows you to select Outlook templates.
    • Type the desired name for your template in the file section and click Save.
  • Storing other commonly used words using Autotext: AutoText is a reusable piece of information that you can store and keep accessing again in the future. The Autotext gallery allows you to save Autotext, and you can build information and store other pieces of content you would want to use again.
  • Making contact groups for project members: creating a contact group on Outlook lets you create a project contact group. This makes it easy and saves time for you to send any information via mail much easier. You do not have to add every person individually, and just by selecting the group, everyone will receive the email. You can create the project member group in OutLook contact, and creating the group and adding the members is all you need to Do.
  • Smart lookup: smart lookup allows you to check or explore new terms you would use in your emails. By simply highlighting the text in the document, you can get the search result from various sources available on the internet.
  • The inbox cleanup: overwhelmed with the number of emails you have collected in your inbox and afraid that it will take forever for you to clear up, then Outlook has got you. By going on the home tab and selecting the cleanup option, you can clean conversations and folders and read messages to the deleted messages folder. This will not delete any unread message making it pretty safe to use.
  • Shortcuts: there are a variety of shortcuts you can use to make your life simple.

Other than these 13 features of Outlook, which will help you stay more organized and help you increase productivity, there are many others that you cannot ignore, and some of them are:

  • Organize your emails into different folders.
  • Saving emails and calendar events on your desktop.
  • Scheduling your email delivery.
  • Sticky notes reminders.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few, to name many. In addition, many IT agencies have been working hard to improve their productivity. One such example we can use is Is Ossisto, as they help provide information to people to maintain and back up data and other IT-related services.

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