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Faqs, Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Assistant

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistance has become a sought-after platform to outsource your tasks and invest time in priorities. A VA can be the answer regardless of the task you wish to outsource. Let us answer some virtual assistant FAQs to get further clarity on the need.

Virtual assistant frequently asked questions and answers:

  1. What is a Virtual Assistant? (FAQS)

A VA is a person who can assist you while sitting at a distant location. These people are not in-office employees but get access to the required data to complete the job virtually. They work from remote areas across the globe. Having the much-required skill sets, these VAs can work on multiple projects and clients simultaneously. The job they do is aligned with

the specifications given by the client, and their services are quite affordable. You can get the job done within the stipulated deadline if you work with a virtual assistant. You get to choose from the best of talents if you opt for virtual assistant services through renowned agencies like Ossisto.

  1. Why must I hire a Virtual Assistant? (FAQS)

Here are the main reasons why you must hire a VA:

  • Firstly, you need a person to delegate your jobs, but a full-time employee does not turn out to be budget-friendly.
  • You do not wish to waste time on repetitive tasks, so delegation becomes essential.
  • You need a person having the desired skill set to finish the task within deadlines.
  • You must spend time on the top priorities.
  • A VA helps to distribute your workload.
  • Local candidates have set time durations, while a VA can be hired from different time zones.
  • VA can help in market research, data entry, E-mail management, seeking appointments, answering calls, search engine optimization, content writing, and so much more.

Virtual assistants are an important part of the modern business scenario. Consequently, the capabilities, skill-set, and scope of work of a virtual assistant have increased manifold in today’s times.

  1. Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant beneficial for the business? (FAQS)

As the scope of business operations expands, the number of tasks grows simultaneously. These need to be catered to at a priority. A virtual assistant lends support to your business as they can take care of the tasks delegated to them. You can focus on your priorities and invest your time to expand your business operations furthermore.

Hiring a VA may not always be an easy decision. You need to consider a lot of factors while doing so. For example, the decision depends on your business’s operational capacity, the budgets involved, and the jobs to be delegated.

  1. Can hiring a VA reduce my operational costs? (FAQS)

Hiring a virtual assistant will definitely cut down the operating costs drastically. A business can easily save on maintenance costs, office space costs, the cost involved in office equipment, and tax payments. Not only the cost, but a VA will also help to reduce your workload. You can delegate the workload to your virtual assistant and focus on more important and strategic decisions that impact the business. These VA’s can help with data entry, market research, E-mail management, your appointments, search engine optimization, answering calls, content writing, etc.

  1. Why selecting the correct candidate for a Virtual Assistant is important? (FAQS)

The best candidate will bring along a lot of similar business experience. They are to be vetted before they can fulfil the needs of your business. The right VA is the best fit for the business culture. A VA needs to be dedicated, invested in the success of the business, and efficient to bring in long-term success.

A wrong candidate can breach your website security and mess up with sales, bookkeeping, or social media profiles. This is why you must hire the candidate from a trusted agency.

  1. What are the skill-sets needed in a Virtual Assistant? (FAQS)

(FAQS) Skill Set needed in the ‘right’ virtual assistant:

(FAQS) Some qualities to look out for in the candidate are:

  • The virtual assistant must have great communication skills and a clear understanding.
  • The virtual assistant must be experienced in doing similar jobs.
  • The agency used to hire a virtual assistant must be trusted and verified.
  • The person must be responsive to your messages and e-mails.
  • They must be acceptable to take feedback.
  • Every virtual assistant must be an eager learner and pay attention to details.
  • They must be able to take the pressure.
  • Time management skills are a must as they must know how to prioritize the tasks.
  1. What points need to be considered while hiring a VA? (FAQS)

You may keep in mind the following points before hiring a VA:

1.You need to document the tasks, have clear job descriptions, and have clarity about the tasks that will be delegated.

2. You may hire through job boards, freelance marketplaces, or a virtual assistant service provider. You must clarify your company overview, profile summary, job requirements, and remuneration.

3. Vet the applications to know about the candidate.

4. Schedule interviews to get the hang of their skill-sets.

5. Start with a trial project to know them better.

6. Sign the contract before getting started.

7. Handhold the virtual assistant and make them feel comfortable.


8. Is a VA available 24*7? (FAQS)

  • What better than having a resource that is available round the clock! A virtual assistant can be hired from any time zone across the globe. They can work from any part of the world, so there is no limitation on the work timings. They adhere to the deadlines, and you can get the job done within the stipulated time.
  1. What can a Virtual Assistant do? (FAQS)

  • A virtual assistant can help you with numerous services like:
  • Event management: They can take care of your bookings, marketing, travel arrangements, guest lists, food and stay, etc.
  • Research: A VA is beneficial if you wish to latest market trends and consumer behavior, analyze competitor’s products, etc.
  • Administrative jobs: A VA can easily schedule appointments, enter data, answer calls, make a diary, see the travel arrangements, etc.
  • Personal tasks: A VA can be hired to book your travel, manage personal appointments, make stay arrangements, etc.
  • Client Service: A VA is a great option to deal with client issues, deal with complaints, etc.
  • Social media management: A VA can be hired for SEO, digital media marketing, scheduling social media posts, content creation, preparing detailed reports, generating traffic, etc.
  1. How safe is it working with a VA? (FAQS)

  • Trusted VA agencies take numerous security measures to ensure the privacy and security of your highly confidential data. The operations team is always well equipped with safety measures to protect your highly sensitive data. In addition, big agencies adhere to corporate relationships, and hiring a virtual assistant from such an agency is always safe.

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