A total guide to real estate virtual assistance

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A total guide to real estate virtual assistance

Virtual assistance is the new fad. Most of the prominent industries these days have discovered the worth of virtual assistants and the positivity they bring into a project. Driven by passion, you must be ready to multitask for your business growth, but what you do not realize is the fact that having extra help will only strengthen the team to see success faster. Real estate is one industry that runs on the basis of never-ending tasks which are big and small. This blog is all about it.

What are the major real estate tasks that a virtual assistant can complete?

Selling and buying is just a small part of the real estate business, there is more to its ultimate functioning. Research, data entry, bookkeeping, spreadsheet creation, cold calling, organizing appointments, calendar management, promotions, analytics, content marketing, and the list is never-ending. If you are running a real estate firm, you wouldn’t be having enough funds to have all the professionals under 1 roof. Instead, relying on a virtual assistance agency is the smartest move. Not only these remote teammates can complete the entire task on time, but they can also do it all within a stipulated budget.

A total guide to real estate virtual assistance

Research: research is indispensable when it comes to dealing with properties. Someone should dedicatedly lookout for ownership, pricing, and deed type. As a realtor, you may not be able to sit in front of the computer and dedicate time and effort for the research purpose. Consult a virtual assistant agency and they will have researchers ready to help out a realtor in all the ways possible.

Data Entry: a real estate firm has a lot of paperwork and files to save. Data entry is not a primary task, but it is one of the most prominent ones. A challenging aspect of this is that, one or two people should stalwartly do this mundane task and as an owner or a top management professional; you cannot waste your time in performing the secondary tasks. Appointing someone to do data entry fill time will also be an utter waste in the current economic situation. So, isn’t it better to outsource these petty tasks to a reliable real estate virtual assistance team?

Hiring and Training Cost: On relying on a virtual assistant agency, hiring and training costs expenditure is almost zero. Most of the experts offering services in a reliable virtual assistant firm will be constantly working with other clients and organizations in the same field. They update their knowledge on a regular basis and are technologically advanced. So, realtors don’t have to micromanage or invest in training sessions.

Marketing: Goal-oriented marketing is a must in a real estate firm. Considering today’s economic situations, it’s a tight compact competitive arena. Everybody wants to be online, make the best deal and realtors are trying to get on to the top searches. Traditional marketing or the ultra-modern digital marketing stunts, a virtual assistant is capable of performing and leveraging all the marketing tactics. Especially, when it comes to digital marketing, it demands patience and continuous efforts.

Envisaging a new marketing idea is not just a technical person’s forte, the person should be both creative and technically sound. Insanely sound marketing ideas have always evolved from creative brains.

Administrative tasks: a realtor’s office will always receive calls, emails, and inquiries. You as the proprietor or as the top management professional have to be hustling on the field. Meanwhile, let your virtual assistants handle all the administrative tasks such as sending email responses, fixing up meetings, managing the calendar periodically, and other personal administrative tasks.  

Real estate-specific tasks: There will be property showings, exhibitions, and other PR stunts which need eminent and smart coordinators to call up the attendees, facilitate unending conversations with the agents, buyers, and sellers, etc. A virtual assistant can help in the entire event scheduling tasks remotely. Also, imagine if your company is in India, but you would want to arrange an event in some other country. Here, you will definitely need professionals in the other country; who can handle the local crowd and with expertise in the local language.

Customer Feedback: Even after a real estate deal is closed, a realtor would want to collect customer feedback on a regular basis to make improvements in services and as a part of the customer retention program.

Each feedback is valuable to get more customers in this extremely competitive market. For instance, consider those realtors who sell historical properties. It is only when the buyers say a good word or two, people would trust them. First and foremost; high-value real estate and historical properties have less demand compared to others. Second, buyers need to be really impressed to buy an old valuable redone real estate property. A real estate virtual assistant will know how to create the appropriate hype and use the testimonials in the right platform.

Advantages of hiring a real estate virtual assistant

Any virtual assistant will add three basic positive aspects to an organization and it’s the same for a real estate firm too. Cost-effectiveness, Time-saving, and Freedom from work. Which realtor would say no to a professional who can take over some of his tasks and free him up from worries?  Meantime, the primary aspects of a business can be taken care of by the top management. Visible increases in profit and productivity are possible by getting help from the professionals at a top virtual assistance agency.

If you think that virtual assistants are just freelancers with no valid experiences, you are wrong. Most virtual assistants are smart workers who want to independently offer their specialized skills to those who want to work with them. For instance, let us check the details on Upwork Inc. one of the top freelancing online platforms. For a mere $15/ hour, one will get the services of virtual assistants who have wide in-depth real estate experiences. Meanwhile, one has to pay a lot for a full-time specialist.  

An agency like Ossisto offers 24/7 services and charges only for the hours used up for the service. Also, even if an agent takes a leave, a replacement is promptly assured. A single point of contact makes it easy for the realtors to have all the project discussions with one person and avoid micromanagement totally. Well, if you are interested to outsource a task to one of our real estate VAs, write to us at info@ossisto.com.

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