Virtual Assistant – 7 Steps for Beginners in 2022

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Virtual assistant is an administrative and technical service to clients from remote locations. It has been rapidly becoming a career field because of the flexibility and independence while working remotely.

Many businesses have been utilizing the growing digital trend of freelance hiring. In fact, since 2005, freelance and remote work has grown by up to 140%. In addition, the remarkable business shift in the digitized world has opened the door for virtual assistance.

Virtual assistance has become a great career option that offers variety, flexibility, and life-work balance. As a result, businesses have significantly been utilizing the skill of professionals worldwide while keeping the costs low.

Here is a guide to help beginners become virtual assistants.

Work as a virtual assistant

The range of work a virtual assistant might perform depends on the need of the business and skills of the VA. Here is the list of some everyday tasks a virtual assistant might accept

  • Data entry
  • Email marketing
  • Websites design and management
  • Create records
  • Organize documents and files
  • Response, monitor, and organize emails
  • Provide customer support
  • Research keywords and content
  • Order supplies
  • Bookkeeping
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Video editing, lead generation
  • Finance tasks and jobs
  • Freelance writing
  • Graphic design, presentation preparation
  • And much more

Seven steps to becoming a virtual assistant

Identify your skill

Determining your skills is the foremost step to becoming a virtual assistant. Prepare a resume that highlights your administrative abilities to showcase employees worthy of the job. Here are the most common skills a virtual assistant needs:

  • Computer proficiency: A virtual assistant has to deal with a wide range of computer programs to perform the given task; therefore, it is essential to be familiar with managing email inboxes, creating documents and spreadsheets.
  • Communication: fluent verbal and written communication skills are essential skills required by virtual assistant. It helps in performing numerous duties, such as creating records, receiving assignments from clients, and helps in customer support.
  • Editorial skills: strong editorial skills show fewer grammatical errors and typos. They should not hesitate to do a little research about the topic they are unaware about and have experience in typing document
  • Time management: as a virtual assistant, you might accept several job options at once, but managing your tasks is essential for providing services at the right time to avoid delays in business progression. Keeping your work up to date helps in building trust with the client.

Decide what service you’ll offer

It will be good to mention the tasks you are willing to perform beforehand to target potential clients. Additionally, determining your fees can also be excellent in identifying your services.

Obtain necessary equipment

Determining the kind of services you are willing to perform helps obtain the necessary equipment beforehand. For example, some virtual assistance only requires a laptop and a cell phone, while others may need additional computers and laptops depending on the type of work you accept.

However, all virtual assistants require a reliable internet connection. 

Search for jobs

Start your career by accepting lower or small-pay jobs until you build experience and positive reviews. Social media can be an invaluable tool for your career. Using or setting up a LinkedIn profile allows you to put your resume and experience out to the world. You can also refer to several other professional networking sites for job openings.

Build portfolio

Once you start gaining experience, ask your clients for feedback. Then, start building your portfolios of reviews and appreciation of your work. Building such a portfolio will help you gain better-paying jobs by showcasing your work and skill.

Market yourself

If you want to become a successful virtual assistant, you need to have the ability to sell your services. Start by creating your website, even if you have less experience designing websites. Just create a good-looking website that will showcase your talents, skills, and experience. Additionally, creating websites will help businesses to explore more about your services.

Consider specializing

Try specializing in a particular field and market yourself as an expert in that particular field. For example, you can specialize in managing social media, email marketing, website design, and customer support.

How much does a virtual assistant make

The salary of a virtual assistant ranges between $7.25 to $37.50 per hour. Your income will probably increase once you start specializing in a particular service and start building a steady clientele.


Becoming a virtual assistant gives you flexibility for enjoying a perfectly well-balanced lifestyle. As a virtual assistant, you can manage your schedule while working from home. It could be like working on a beach or at home. In the beginning, you may find some difficulty, but your hard work earns you fortunes. You’ll be able to learn and develop many learning and skills. Therefore, the above steps are handy to help you begin your virtual assistant career.

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