The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Recruitment Success

Virtual Recruitment Success

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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Recruitment Success

The pandemic revolutionized the recruitment and hiring processes. The pre-pandemic recruitment idea based on interactions, and face-to-face conversations, and minor effects like firm handshakes. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic instigated an evolution in the corporate sector. For a contactless environment and to keep the work ongoing in the business world, people adapted to technology completely. Platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet were increasingly popular due to the situation. This also evolved the recruitment process to a complete virtual set-up.

The HR’s are trained to identify candidates through psychological and analytical techniques adapted to virtual analytical techniques. Therefore, video conferencing platforms have become ideal for candidate selection and to smooth out the hiring processes. The guide will have you gain insights into techniques involved in effective virtual recruitment talent procurement.

How Virtual Recruitment Works?

Virtual recruitment

Virtual Recruitment refers to hiring or recruiting candidates using means of technology via a digital platform. Its demand is due to the pandemic and the contactless services criteria to help reduce the chances of viral infection. Virtual recruitment requires good technical support and knowledge, understanding of social media & marketing, and HR for decision making. Ossisto provides virtual recruitment services if you do not already have a dedicated team for the same. Other platforms will be explained in-depth in the guide.

Advantages of Virtual Recruitment.

Virtual recruitment

While the pandemic has instigated corporates to adapt to the virtual recruitment process, many benefits are involved in a virtual recruitment model. The pros outweigh the con, and even if it happened as a mandate, it helps smoothen the entire process. This benefits the candidates, and the organization as the process is quick, cost-effective, and has a good reach. Therefore, access to the talent pool is widened. The only drawback of virtual recruitment is the lack of development of human bond when one meets face to face.

i) Reduced processing time.

The digital world is a blessing to those who know how to exploit its resources. This means that people who utilize technology to work efficiently can reduce the time required to process manually. For instance, the pre-pandemic recruitment process involved calling candidates for interviews. Then analyzing through different candidates, which is then followed by calling the candidate the next day for an interview, and the process goes on and on.

It takes days, weeks, and for a lazy HR department, even months. Conducting interviews using video conferencing apps, it’s easier to cut down the process by automated email and interview invites. This works as a symbiotic relationship between the candidate and the employer.

ii) Cost-effective.

One of the most important advantages of virtual recruitment is that it is a cost-effective method. Labor cost is reduced as a chatbox or AI is replaced to analyze candidate queries and run analysis on the client. Furthermore, you will also be able to cut down on renting costs and miscellaneous expenses. The only cost includes a pro version subscription to video conferencing apps, an AI software subscription and a good internet service provider. Apart from this, recruiting and job events in the physical world are extremely expensive.

iii) Equal footing opportunities.

The virtual Recruitment process provides an equal footing opportunity to candidates. Virtual interviews reduce the racial bias subconscious construct that influencing decision making. Furthermore, candidates are reached out on a global aspect and find opportunities in different locations. Hence, helping you follow the EEOC guidelines will benefit you both legally and in terms of business growth. Other advantages include candidates’ ease of applying, expanded reach, a scheduled approach, and many more.

Established Database of Metrics.

The whole process of virtual recruitment is based on the concept of digital storage of data. Thus, one maintains a database of various aspects of the prospective employees. However, databases can be tampered with graphical depict metrics or use to automate processes. Hence, one can make quicker decisions and approach selection in a new revised way. For instance, Jobvite is a platform that allows users to be graphical generate talent health metrics and provide analytics.

Hence, data is computed faster, and the decision is left to the employer. For successful virtual recruitment, it is important to invest in such platforms to get faster and accurate results to find the right candidate for the job.

Boost Social Media Reach.

For virtual recruitment to be a success, developing a virtual talent pool and creating a talent database with two-way communication is important. The social media platform LinkedIn is solely designed to improve professional connections and allows companies & organizations to post job vacancies. This also involves developing connections and letting candidates apply for the job easily. Other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can establish brand credibility and improve visibility, allowing candidates to be interested in your company. Thus, you will instantly have access to a wider talent pool to increase competitiveness and find the best suitable candidate.

Host Webinars and Workshops.

It is important to strategize marketing plans to attract highly qualified and skilled individuals to acquire a wide talent pool. The effective marketing strategy includes hosting webinars and workshops to widen your skillsets. This will attract dedicated candidates willing to widen their skillsets, thus allowing you to establish a database for future references. Furthermore, job fairs prove as a valuable aspect to hire skilled and qualified candidates. One can do this cost-effectively remotely, which attracts skilled and qualified talent that makes the right fit. It also helps individuals get familiar with the company and understanding the dynamics of the workforce.

Hence, hosting virtual job fairs, webinars, and workshops will ease your virtual recruitment processes. To make this a success, one can promote the event on social media platforms provided the page has a good reach.

Determine your Target Audience.

Many virtual recruitment processes get haywire when the target audience attribute is not considered. For instance, while posting job vacancies for the IT field, attracting audiences in the business and economic domain will make the process complex and gruesome. Thus, increasing the chances of screening candidates and going through the filtration process. Hence, it is absolutely essential to consider this aspect to effectively hire a candidate in the digital domain.

Job postings and responsibilities.

Statistically speaking, women apply to a job posting only when they deem themselves 90% fit and competent for the role. However, men only consider 70% competency to the job role while applying. Hence, to increase the percentage and find a competent candidate for the role, it is important to add a job role in the caption area while advertising job positions. This will make the process easier by giving prospective employees to self-analyze themselves and apply for the role. This will help you achieve a clean and efficient process to hire candidates virtually.

Establish university Tie-ups.

Establishing university tie-ups is an efficient way for tapping a potential pool of candidates. While the pandemic not only affected the corporate sector, it also affected educational institutions. Therefore, finding freshers or candidates for a training role and then having university tie-ups helps speed the process. Since graduates from batch 2020 and 2021 are well-adapted to completing tasks digitally, they make a great fit as the future lies in the success of a virtually successful company.

Furthermore, department tie-ups help to restrict your search to a particular field that suits the job profile. All of this can be set up via emails or telephonic calls. It also becomes easier to establish the credibility of the candidate’s educational background that establishes legitimacy.

Make use of AI platforms.

There are many algorithms and AI platforms that one can use to have a successful virtual recruitment process. For instance,,,, and many more. It analyses candidates’ personal information and has many security features. Thus, it fastens the process and runs computations on the establish to provide graphical information.

However, the virtual recruitment process turns into a failure if the decision solely relies on AI. To turn it into success, it is important to include the human judgment aspect in the final decision.

Virtual Psychology Tricks.

There are many ways to analyze gestures and the psychology of candidates on video conference during the interview. For instance, one can establish cognitive competence by asking appropriate questions. Another aspect is noticing the way the candidate using the mute and unmute buttons. When the candidate mutes after finishing the response, it means that the candidate is anxious or is attempting to be well-presented. On the other hand, if the candidate is unmuted for the entire duration, then it means that the candidate is confident and not anxious. There are many other psychological tricks that one can find out and apply in the virtual recruitment process.

Establish candidate credibility.

One of the major drawbacks of a virtual recruitment process is the inability to verify original documentation. For instance, a candidate hands in their resume and provides his educational background. Therefore, there is no way to establish credibility. At the same time, an alternative is a scanned document which can be tampered making it difficult to establish a candidate’s credibility. The solution to this is by setting up a mailing platform where selected candidates can send in their documents via postal services. Thus, you can ensure the prospective employees’ legitimacy and provide the salary slip.

Hire Staffing Firms.

One needs the help of a professional team to assist companies in virtual talent procurement services. However, establishing your own team will be quite expensive and increasing the duration of the process. This is because it will take the team to get settled and trained to hire the best-suited candidate for the job. One can simplify the process by hiring a consultant or a staffing firm experienced in the field. This will help you cost-effectively hire new candidates and reduce the administrative and legal tasks. Thus, one can be successful in the recruitment process by hiring staffing firms.

You can also use virtual recruitment services cost-effectively offered by Ossisto with access to resources. Furthermore, the process will be safe & secure with the liberty to choose from various staffing services to ease your work that was discussed at length in the guide.

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