The top time-consuming Jobs that need Virtual Assistance

Top 8 time-consuming jobs that require a virtual assistant

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Virtual assistance is a concept creating opportunities for a splendid work-life balance. Virtual assistance is known for enhancing the quality of customer service in an organization. Being remote in nature, the virtual assistance services don’t expect the employer to splurge a hefty sum on them. And being remotely active, they don’t consume the resources of their employer. Their activity levels maintain consistency without taking a toll on the budgetary criteria set by a firm. The virtual assistants are skilled in many areas thus offloading the redundancies in a firm. The best part, however, about virtual assistant services is that they are easy to hire and friendly in many ways.

Why and when do you need virtual assistant services?

Well, one of the most recent reasons why virtual assistance is mandatory in the 21st century is apparently the Covid-19 pandemic. We are confined to households and are struggling to uphold the balance between personal fronts and professional responsibilities. The tasks that you managed at your office in collaboration with your colleagues are demanding renewed strategies. And the manager / immediate supervisor has no other alternative but to experiment with the miscellaneous toolkits available. Guys, this is one of the most unusual scenarios demanding virtual assistance.

Below are the other usual scenarios that require virtual assistant services to augment the interdepartmental and intradepartmental functionality:


1. If you have miscellaneous tasks that demand expertise and a stiff quality control on various levels.
2. If you think your work-life balance isn’t up to the mark and you need a dedicated support for your work-life balance.
3. If you are under the burden of tasks that could be better handled by some expert / group of experts.
4, You end up extending your routine for the tasks that repeat themselves unnecessarily.
5. Are there the things that you are unable to manage, and they need your analytical approaches for a fine coverage and viability?
6.Do you find it troublesome to manage the client queries and are losing the prospects due to no support rendered to them?
7. You get to complete the tasks that you really won’t do if there are options available.

You have been able to create the job responsibilities and are always atop your schedule. There are practically no delays from your end. But the issue is that the tasks that you found quick, ended up creating more burdens for your department. The core competencies of you and your department are getting frequently misdirected. Therefore, you and your subordinates feel that you guys aren’t gaining the momentum as expected. You need something that covers a broad range of skills and doesn’t get you loaded with those prolonged schedules.

The best solution is available today to all these problems. They are virtual assistance services. The other best part is that they are available now on a global level. The breadth of skills they carry promise you an experience free of burdens and full of expandable features. They are faster to be approached and are quicker to swing into action as specified. The primary reason why you may need them today is Covid-19. And even after the pestilential situations settle, things may take longer than expected to normalize.

Here are the tasks that end up taking toll on your time management fronts and can be more effectively handled by a virtual assistant:

The top time-consuming Jobs that need Virtual Assistance

1. Customer support and client support department:

The departmental heads of customer support aren’t just entitled to optimize the support continuously but also to look after the skillset of their subordinates. Things, at such junctures, might get complicated without any prior notice. The Customer Support Department should respond to the emails and resolve the customer complaints. The customer service representatives may need to be briefed and debriefed almost every day.

And therefore, you may have been devoting hours on your Social Media Platforms, CRMs and telephonic systems and email domains. It’s all a mandate to ensure that all your colleagues are happy, and your customers are satisfied. The virtual assistance can swing into action and transform the picture even when you aren’t at the office. And when virtual assistance are in, they can conveniently cater to the customer requests. This is probably the cheapest way you can prevent undermanagement of the official resources and workplace potentials.

It’s not possible for you to work 24/7 to establish and uphold a proactive customer support department. But you can outsource this task to a virtual assistance. You can get the calls redirected to the virtual assistance. They will diplomatically respond to the customer requirements, compile the techniques to resolve the queries and generate the consolidated reports to submit on your arrivals.

A technical support department seeks to similarly employ every suitable technique to resolve the gamut of technical issues faced by the customers. The customer support tools are changing almost every year. There are instances demanding a customer to share screen with you to tackle certain complex issues. It may be considerable to extend the support 24/7. But it won’t be easy to facilitate the same through the organizational premises. But a virtual assistant or a team of virtual assistants can do the same for you. Since most virtual assistants work on a flexible basis, it won’t take a toll on your budgetary criteria.

2. Accounts and Financial Department:

Now, it’s about the income reports and invoices. It’s easy for us to imagine how complicated it can be for any Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to follow the developments and check the transactional updates regularly. Bills outstanding and miscellaneous expenses emerge as some of the mandatory tasks for a CFO. Receipts and taxes are much like a payroll where a mistake or a mismanagement can be costly. And rushing to these tasks on the 11th hour can take a toll on many things.

This is where a competent virtual assistant comes into play. A virtual assistant with a background in bookkeeping and accountancy can conveniently handle the tasks as such. And a firm can facilitate timely completion of these tasks without delaying or postponing such tasks that require accuracy. And this is the way the departmental heads can focus aptly on the more significant tasks to ensure a fine business health.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

As the concept suggests, SEO department covers a broad range of activities mandatory for the industrial exposure and popularity of an organization. The task list to impart the essentials may include Keyword Research, Analytics, Content Creation, Content Updates and algorithm. These tasks tend to vary from firm to firm. The corporate objectives of an organization might determine what exactly is required to ensure optimal online visibility of an organization.

These tasks need dedication and concrete efforts from the officials involved. A virtual assistant or a team of virtual assistants who are keen on exploring the analytics and keyword density may properly optimize the visibility of the website. And their remote involvement makes it easy for the managerial level people to monitor the growth. The virtual assistants can handle various other tasks as well like report generation and building the necessary backlinks.

4. Travel and tour:

It’s imperative for the owner or chairpersons to travel to popularize the firm and its competencies. Meets on national and international levels may be compulsory. While business travels bring a responsible comfort, the schedules and the management of reservations may consume more time than expected. It may not even be easy due to miscellaneous other tasks demanding a sincere attention from the top brass.

But a virtual assistant involved can analyse and schedule the cheapest flight on the required date. The virtual assistant can manage the other activities such as booking the hotels in the necessary location, car rentals, budgetary criteria and calendar updates. A virtual assistant can uphold the time management and budget management with these services. In brief, the travels and tours of the officials / top brass can be more responsive and affordable with a virtual assistant.

5. Administration and schedule:

It’s not easy to save time every day, especially if you own an MNC. It may demand regular meets and travels on a regular basis. Travel arrangements, scheduling the appointments, setting up the calls and managing the emails are some of the most significant tasks. A virtual assistant involved can, therefore, transform the propositions into successful endeavours. The top brass would be free to concentrate more on everything that brings exposure to the organizational aggregates.

6. Online Research and analysis:

The corporate world mainly relies on the virtual keystones and social media. It requires one to optimize the visibility of the business on a regular basis. The hot trends today may not be what they had been a day before. And the day to come may bring unexpected turns propelling the organizational heads to reconsider their online strategies. It’s a task that brings intellectual challenges almost every other day. The departments busy in their daily ventures may not find it manageable.

If you will hire a virtual assistant, handling the tasks demanding an upgradable online research would be a lot easier than ever before. The remote management of the online resources may ease off the workload. And the people on the managerial level will no longer have to worry about the time being wasted on various developmental phases. The VA working in exchange for a small fee will cut down many expenses that would otherwise incur due to hiring a permanent employee.

7. Content management:

This task plays one of the most crucial roles in transforming the organizational ideas into the productive virtual toolkits. The bricks and mortar ways to enhance the productivity have been replaced by the virtual techniques transpiring in various ways. Content generation requires a thorough analysis of the readers, online behaviour of the readers, adept usage of the keywords and most importantly, the regular updates.

Now that most businesses enter an intellectual competition, it would be of paramount importance for a firm to uphold various types of brief and prolonged contents. A virtual assistance can create copies, bucket the content as needed and post it online on various social media channels relevantly. Therefore, a business becomes a centre of online excellence with a competent virtual assistance hired.

8. Website Management:

A website is unquestionably the very first portal a reader comes across. It is only via a website that the potential customers can educate themselves and stay updated about the services. Viewers are of various types and so do their online preferences and online behaviour. The Introduction of both static website and dynamic website is compulsory today. The online presence of a firm mainly depends upon how the websites are handled and updated as needed.

A virtual assistance involved can remotely handle the website and maintain it exactly as instructed by the immediate supervisor / chairpersons. Website management and maintenance will be more productive and swifter with a virtual assistance. The tasks handled from a location or places away from the office would free the operators from the oversights and errors. The executive officers can channelize their ideas and focus on the other mandates critical to the phenomenal growth of the company.

Website design is a concept that includes the tasks like logo creation, pamphlet generation, video creation and dissemination of various creatives. A virtual assistance from the relevant background can freely work on the generation and dissemination of the social media creatives. This won’t just generate a good scope for the creativity but will also take many tasks off your plate.

The virtual assistance function like the expert operatives to smoothen the journey for the business. Managerial skillsets play a crucial role in generating the growth opportunities. A virtual assistance, on the other hand, is the helper that magnifies the growth opportunities for an organization. And virtual assistance in the 21st century can help strategize the organizational efforts, and that too at a very low price.

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