Boost business productivity and operational efficiency by taking virtual assistance

Boost business productivity and operational efficiency by taking virtual assistance

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Virtual staffs and virtual staffing businesses have helped individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs in 2020, to keep going amid an economic crisis. If you are still new to the virtual assistance world, this blog is certainly an eye opener on how to increase productivity in your business by offloading some of the tasks to the super workers often named virtual assistance or remote personal assistants. Read on.

Let the businesses concentrate on their cor…to-your-business/e competencies

Virtual assistance comes as a blessing to companies with less budget and more tasks on their plate. Here the catch-22 situation is when operational heads have more than 1 core competency to concentrate on but have less time. Virtual assistance can take over these extra tasks and complete them within the stipulated time. However, many people are apprehensive about the quality of the project that a remote worker would deliver.

This happens when the top leaders of an organization are not sure of the key competitive areas of their own business. Finding the competitive advantage of a business is the first step toward a positive association with a VA. Once the activities are bucketed into the core competencies and non-core competencies, it is easy to delegate work to an expert virtual assistant.

How core competencies can be defined?

Any task or activity that adds benefits to the company and the customer can be defined as the core competency of the business. It should be unique and rare that the competitors cannot replicate it. For instance, let us take an example of a brand that all of us are aware of. MC Donald’s Corporation is an American fast food restaurant chain established in the year 1940. French fries taste the same in their entire outlet around the globe. It is their secret recipe and their core competency.

This competent task cannot be undertaken by virtual assistance, but they can take over everything else that is not part of the production unit. A VA can boost productivity for such a big corporation by providing business support, bookkeeping, IT support, digital marketing, and a lot more. In this blog, we are not dealing with what virtual assistance is or what are the tasks that can be delegated to them, because Ossisto has dealt with this topic in many other previous blogs. If you want to know more about this topic, read our in-house article titled ‘Hiring a Virtual Assistance would be the Best Business Decision Ever’.

Virtual support definitely helps businesses boost productivity by taking off all the tasks that are not under the core competency tag and doing the rest efficiently; giving more time to the leaders and top managers to do what they are good at to climb up the organizational success ladder.

Get the technical superiority

A medium or small-scale organization may not be able to adapt to a fast technological upgrade environment. A VA agency can help them by providing advanced technology and service par excellence at pocket-friendly prices. For example, if a company wants to use Adobe Software, they need to upgrade eligibility when the new version is out in the market. Also, software licensing gets the employees into trouble because of its advanced features. In a fast-paced work environment, training in-house employees is almost impossible.

The sharp-witted way of dealing with this issue is to rely on a virtual assistance agency.  A trustworthy agency will have cutting-edge technology as per the modern fad. Ossisto emphasizes completing projects and tasks with the latest software and investing in transformative technologies diligently.  It all matters on how the businesses choose their agency.

Go wall-less

According to a recent reliable report published by Wpforms, there are 4,208,571, 287 people online at any given point of time. So, it is the right time to get into the online platform. When a business is online, there is more scope for the involvement of VA’s. Reducing the number of in-house employees is the best way to go cost-efficient resulting in a business productivity boost.

Virtual assistants will work on a project basis and they don’t require additional resources to help businesses save money. When a company rolls out virtual teams, it is actually empowering the experts’ and professionals work at their own pace. In fact, work from home or from a comfort zone improves productivity in many ways. By doing so, a company is giving preference to their employees, keeping them focused on productivity and save them from micro-management. 

However, they should always be monitored and given feedback on a regular basis. This is exactly what Ossisto does with the employees; each of their work is monitored constantly and they are guided when necessary. A business can go partially or fully wall-less by relying on VA’s, employees working from the office, employees working from a remote place or any combination of the workforce but it all depends on the nature of the business.

Steady Communication

If businesses can establish a communication channel that is clear; efficiency slowly starts flowing in. Virtual assistant agencies like Ossisto encourage robust communication with all its clients. Its work model has communication as the most important factor to overcome the barriers of physical distance between the client and the VAs. Productivity and operational efficiency created by following clear communication means is extraordinary.  The involvement of virtual assistance in any project reduces operating costs by 78%; imagine how much more the percentage will go up with a steady communication initiation between the experts and the clients.

Make it 24/7

Very often the companies that call themselves 24/7 are not true to their words. You call them up at odd hours, nobody answers the call. This shouldn’t happen to your business. Rely on an eminent VA service to give relevant prospects and customers a hassle-free experience. Customer satisfaction will bring more demand for your business. With the expertise of virtual assistants help, operational efficiency increases tremendously. Get adjusted to the new workforce, it is going to be the era of virtual assistants. To begin, have a conversation with one of our experts and the consultation is absolutely free.

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