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The League of Shopify Virtual Assistants




The eCommerce platform Shopify is revolutionizing entrepreneurial dreams of more than 1,000,000 businesses in 175 countries.

The numbers hint the competition one has to face on Shopify.

The risen need to complete various tasks on this app has given birth to a new division of virtual assistance.

These professionals are named as Shopify Virtual Assistants and undertake the mission of growing any business on this powerful eCommerce space.

So, this blog gives a fair detail on how your business can be easily established on Shopify and how the league of Shopify Virtual Assistants would support you all throughout the way.

Shopify Inc. – A BRIEF HISTORY

In the year 2004, Shopify was originally an online store selling snowboard.

Shaping itself into the one we know today, the space where entrepreneurs get the opportunity to establish an online business was actually founded by 3 musketeers: Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake.

By 2015, the platform had 140,000 stores.


It is a massive option for those who want to set-up a store within minutes at an unbelievable price.

For a mere cost of $29/month, a fully functional online store can be created.

Shopify enables people to subscribe to their software service and use their shopping cart solutions to sell, earn, ship and manage products.


It is easy to have an online store on Shopify, but to sustain a business, one require patient efforts and total vigilance.

 This is where the Shopify Virtual Assistant will come as a blessing.

A Shopify Virtual Assistants is a remote employee who would help you manage a store on Shopify.

There are many mundane tasks involved in setting up a Shopify online store; these can all be outsourced to a Shopify Virtual Assistant.

Sometimes, there will be an area of expertise that you are not aware of, but are mandatory for running the Shopify store; these tasks can also be delegated to a Virtual Assistant.

Well, there can be another scenario where you might be confident about your skills to handle everything alone, but at some or the other point in time, you need assistance for better sales and productivity.

More sales means more tasks to do on the platform.

Here is an essential Shopify store launch and maintenance checklist:

  • Setting up Shopify account
  • Set up payments
  • Manage the supplier relationship
  • Create order fulfillment process
  • Migration from a previous platform (*If required)
  • Organizing products online
  • Digital advertising tasks
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Analytics set up
  • SEO work
  • Managing loyalty and promotions

The League of Shopify Virtual Assistantss


If you check any online freelancer website like Upwork, you will find a good number of candidates looking for Shopify Virtual Assistant jobs.

But are all of them qualified?

Just because they are giving the services for a better rate, it doesn’t mean they will provide quality services.

So, while hiring your assistant, check for:

  • Shopify store design, customization and management experience
  • General sales and marketing experience
  • Good communication skill
  • Digital marketing knowledge
  • Business/Product/Email writing skills
  • Intelligence in bug fixing
  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Previous drop shipping business experience
  • Familiarity with Shopify audits and reports
  • Creativity 




If one searches Google on how to create a successful Shopify store, the number of tips and tricks that the search engine would fetch will definitely exceed anyone’s expectation.

But then who will convert these plans to actionable items?

You as a CEO or as a top organizational leader have other primary tasks to take care of.

So, the smartest way to handle is to outsource these tasks to a reliable Shopify Virtual Assistant.

Collaborate with these experts and hack growth on Shopify.


Use attractive content to help new customers locate your products:

With the aid of a virtual assistant who is good at business writing, creative content and digital marketing aspects; write product descriptions, advertorials and other content in a way that it will get easily picked up by search engines.

As we all know, any consumer planning to buy a product, searches the Google to read the features, review and descriptions.

The best way to increase sales on Shopify is to reach out to the major customers and prospects consistently with the help of sharp, witty, authentic and reliable content.

Also, the Shopify Virtual Assistants should be thorough in Search Engine Optimization.

ReferralCandy Blog has come up with some of the best SEO tactics for those businesses like yours on Shopify.

Check out their blog and request your virtual assistants to follow the best SEO practices.

From doing on-page SEO for the Shopify to keyword research to optimizing titles and descriptions to including a relevant blog about the products; all of these matters to gain Shopify success.

Be a spy to be smarter than other sellers

To know what strategies work on Shopify, keep an eye on the competitor’s moves. For instance, if you are running a furniture store on Shopify, check what others in the furniture business are doing.

This involves a dedicated person doing market analytics and research.

So, get your Shopify Virtual Assistants to:

  • Check competitor’s social media pages and see what they are up to.
  • Watch over the ranking patterns of competitor’s site and pages on various platforms.
  • Make an updated list of competitors details

All of these tasks are time consuming, so let a virtual assistant do it for you.

By checking out on others doesn’t mean copy pasting what they are exactly doing; instead it is the processes of adopting certain practices to keep up to the buyers’ standards, expectations and ideas on how a quality brand would sell their products.

Let the customers be the voice for your brand

Let the customers do a part of marketing for your brand.

With the help of a Shopify Virtual Assistant, create recognizable hashtags and find ways to promote and publicize it.

This is just one way to play with social media platforms.

One can come up with more creative and advanced way of involving customers in the process of brand building.

However, this takes time, budget and additional support.    

With the help of a Shopify Virtual Assistant, you can find various ways to gain undivided attention from the prospects and valuable customers.

An interesting study report published by the Baymard institute estimates that shopping carts are abandoned at a rate of 69.7%. This can be due to various reasons.

From customers getting better choices as a pop-up to additional shipping costs charged by brands; disinterest can grow anytime, even at the last moment.

On Shopify, it is the continuous effort of your virtual assistant that would lead to faster sales and brand recognition.


The first step to find your right Virtual Assistant is to do a thorough research and rate comparisons.

For sure, your choice will be wider on websites that provide lists of freelance workers, but how reliable are they?

Opt for a virtual assistance agency like Ossisto. These agencies will have Shopify Virtual Assistants hand-picked based on their experiences and skills.

Here, more than reliability, businesses get freedom from micro-management.

The project will unroll in a truly professional manner.


Selling your products on Shopify might look like a cost-effective option, but to be truth spoken every option has its pros and cons. Go for it only if you are willing to put in great efforts in maintaining your online store.

An association with Shopify Virtual Assistant will definitely help you in decreased operational cost and reduced workload. Moreover, this go-to option is all you need to win over your competitors.

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