Virtual assistants future trends in 2022

Virtual assistants' future trends in 2022

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One of the easiest methods to scale your business is to hire virtual assistants. They can manage a wide range of activities, whether it is bookkeeping, digital marketing, managing social media posts, marketing campaigns, or any other administrative task. Hiring a VA lets you concentrate on important business issues and plan for the months ahead. Furthermore, you can manage your booming company’s expanding workload without putting too much strain on your existing employees.

If you are wondering how Virtual Assistants can help you in your business activities, you have come to the right place. Here’s how virtual assistants can be an asset to your business and the latest trends you should watch out for in 2022.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who supports a business remotely by assisting with a wide range of professional responsibilities. They’re also known as online secretaries, and many of them perform the same functions as a typical secretary, but they do so without taking up physical space in your office.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • Lower your overall costs

Businesses use virtual assistants for various reasons. However, the most common reason is to cut down the extra costs. Hiring a Virtual Assistant instead of full-time employees can reduce your annual operating costs.

Why? Because they are responsible for all expenses incurred throughout the course of their services. When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you don’t have to pay for additional perks, rent office space, Internet bandwidth, or additional utilities.

  • Increases your productivity

Hiring a virtual assistant also boosts your productivity as it allows you to devote more time to core operations that need your knowledge. Moreover, in present times, most virtual assistants are experts in their fields and have a good sense of responsibility. To hire a virtual assistant, you can visit a freelancing platform or hire VAs from a reputable virtual assistant company like  Ossisto.

  • You get more flexibility

With virtual assistants, you get flexibility in two ways – first, you can have a work-life balance by outsourcing administrative tasks to the VAs. Secondly, you can choose virtual assistants to handle work hours that would benefit your organization.

For example, if you want to provide customer care 24 hours a day, you can recruit virtual assistants across the globe to manage shifts throughout the day. Time zone differences will work to your advantage as customer service issues can be handled efficiently whenever they arise.

Now that you know why you should hire virtual assistants for your business, here are some virtual assistant trends you should look out for in 2022.

Virtual assistants future trends in 2022

1. The increasing culture of remote freelancing

Due to the global outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of freelancers working remotely and engaging in the gig economy has steadily increased. A growing number of freelancers are offering virtual assistant services, whether for project management or administrative work.

Many full-time employees have gone freelance and now offer virtual assistant services for the tasks or industries they specialize in. In fact, according to virtual assistant statistics from 2021, 59 percent of VAs work full-time. They benefit from a variety of perks associated with remote work, including a more flexible schedule, improved work-life balance, and increased productivity.

2. Rising high-speed internet penetration

With each passing year, developing economies are reporting improved internet connectivity. According to the report published by Our World in Data in 2019,  27,000 new users join the online world every hour.

People in far-flung parts of the globe can now find work due to the internet.

Here are some ways that businesses can benefit from the widespread deployment of internet and Wi-Fi services:

  • Staying in touch with your remote staff and receiving regular work updates will become easier with good internet connectivity.
  • Your VA can work from anywhere and access, download, and share data and other official papers.
  • With the internet, VAs can self-learn crucial aspects of your business, which eliminates the need for additional training.

3. The growing trend of flexible working schedule

Now, remote employees can work during their most productive hours owing to a flexible work schedule. Therefore, as a business owner, you can make the most out of this trend by hiring VAs and remote workers to achieve desired outcomes.

Virtual assistants can work for 20 hours per week instead of 40 hours, depending on their workload. Allowing your virtual workforce to work flexible schedules might assist you in retaining and attracting experts to do the job. It also allows you to assemble a group of highly motivated employees and foster a positive work environment.

4. Integration of digital tools

Digital tools can aid in the scaling of everyday operations, reduction of paperwork, management of payrolls, and streamlining of team communications. In addition, integrating digital technologies can make it much easier for businesses to manage their remote staff and VAs.

Here’s how businesses can use digital tools for managing virtual assistants:

  • Project management software can provide your VAs with centralized access to information, data, and files.
  • You can discuss project briefs, weekly assignments, and client updates using video, call, or chat.
  • Scheduling tasks or meetings and communicating with an internal team can also be done online with digital tools.

The Bottom Line

The recent virtual assistant trends emphasize the importance of hiring a VA, especially in the face of the ongoing COVID crisis. It can help your company deliver on time and budget, boost profit margins for your services or products, and increase market share.

With the right team, you can establish yourself as a key player in the market, leaving your mark in this competitive business landscape. If you’re looking for a VA company to assist in the future growth of your business, look no further than Ossisto. With Ossisto, you get affordable service and qualified VAs who are experts in their fields and have relevant service experience of working with different clients.

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