Tasks a Virtual graphic designer Can Take Off Your Plate

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Visual communication is by far, the most effective method of grabbing your audience’s attention.

One, because images make a better impact (They did not say “A picture is worth a thousand words”, for nothing), and second, well-thought-out designs serve as a clear reflection of the quality of the service/product provided.

As a business owner yourself, you might already know of this, or at least have an inkling of the positive effects virtual graphic designers could have on your firm.

But the question is…can you afford a proficient virtual graphic designer?

If you’ve just started off with your company, then it is probably less likely for you to hire a full-time, in-house virtual graphic designer.

So, what can you do? Well, you can always go for a virtual graphic designer.

Who is a virtual graphic designer?

These individuals are nothing but virtual assistants who work remotely or offshore on specific tasks delegated to them by a certain client. In this case, the tasks pertain to virtual graphic designers respectively.

There are reasons why firms, both big and small still choose to hire such professionals to this day. And they are:

  • They are cost-effective
  • They are time-saving
  • They are specialists

And a lot more, which makes them a great outsourcing option.

But, speaking of virtual graphic designers in particular, here are certain tasks that you can easily outsource to them, without a second thought and reap great results:

Tasks a Virtual graphic designer Can Take Off Your Plate

Social Media Designs

The ongoing relevance and popularity of social media platforms have pushed many businesses to use them to propel their lead generational capabilities.

Let’s take an example here. Instagram is strictly a photo and video sharing platform. Which means that users share specifically that kind of content. For an application such as this, it is imperative that businesses use high quality, vibrantly coloured and clear images that convey the right kind of message about their product/service and other capabilities.

This doesn’t mean that other websites like Twitter and Facebook that give equal importance to the written word, play a less important role. In fact, images on Instagram can be shared on other social media handles to cast a wider net.

A virtual graphic designer would have worked on multiple social media projects to give your business a better edge over the others.

Logo Design

Some say that logos are the face of a brand/ business. That connotation perfectly describes the strength in design ideologies and studies that a designer must-have when working on them.

Obviously, you can’t slap on a logo just because it looks pretty or sophisticated. No, it must convey an idea about what your business is about, creatively.

Luckily, a graphic design VA knows just how to get your vision across this way. Given their years of experience in the field, working on something like this would be a no brainer.

Business Card Design

Yes, business cards are more than just a boring, plain, blank piece on paper with your basic information printed on. You’d have to think of the color scheme, placement of the content and the logo, and other specificities to make your business card stand out from the rest.

But it doesn’t just end here, business cards have gone digital which means it makes it easier for you to circulate them in and around your network.

In fact the more attractive your card layout is the more successful it will be in grabbing more eyeballs, then again remember to keep it classy.

Website Design

You don’t even have to get on the internet to know that there are quite a lot of websites online today, 1.5 billion to be exact (Ref: internetlivestats.com).

So, how is your business going to keep up with those many competitors on the world wide web? How are you going to ensure that your business survives online?

Simple, amongst ensuring that your website’s designs are purposeful, clean and not too harsh on the eyes. You need a strategized display of what and how your designs must cater to the content that has been provided, in a way that they seamlessly work together.

A virtual graphic design VA can help you accomplish this, with minimal intervention on your part.

Brochure and Flyer Design

Your service or product brochure is an essential element to scaling your business through likeminded business partners, prospects and the existing clientele.

The layout can vary with what you intend to inform your audience about and the designs are to be done to reflect the same.

Apart from this, a virtual graphic designer VA will also put the design forth ion a way that it also seems suitable to be digitized and printed.

Flyers too make for excellent marketing material provided you design them right.

Ebook Design

Designing a readable Ebook goes way beyond than just going or an attractive cover. A good designer would know that segmenting the chapters and their individual content is just as necessary as that. To be honest those are that matter the most.

Hence, investing in a virtual graphic designer will benefit your Ebooks greatly by helping you put forth your ideas in the best possible way and make them visually appealing.

Image Editing

Image editing is one on the most basic services that should be provided in a virtual graphic designer portfolio.

Instead of going through the traditional route of directly using stock photos without any changes, editing the said image or any other will help you get the desired effect and add a sprinkle of your own originality to the picture.

Print Design

Having a designer on board who understand the difference between digitized and print design will help you branch out to various other ways of marketing your business.

Why is this important? Well, at some point during the course of your business’s life cycle you will need printed out banners and board. A good designer would know that just having them printed out will do no good. They well have to have to be in the right format and have the size of a suitable pixel etc. for them to be printed out the right way.


Including animation or animated videos as part of your business’s offerings or including them as a product/service explanatory aid on your website etc. can really amp up your viewership or leads.

Why? Because according to industrial sources, videos are the most popular forms of content in the world today. This means I you do invest in animated videos then, you just might be able to make a dent in the market.

Even more so, publishing animated tidbits of topics that are of interest to your audience, is another easy to get your viewership up.


Publishing infographics on your website is a great way to let your viewers know that you’ve got some stuff in terms of information, research, statistics, etc. it shows them that you’re fully committed to the services/products and other offerings.

With a virtual graphic designer in tow, you can have interesting layouts and icons for your infographic that will help you bolster sales, boost traffic and more.


Before you end up thinking that a virtual graphic designer will not make any difference to your day-to-day business routine, let me ask you this – Are you willing to burn a hole in your wallet or compromise on office space, when you don’t have to?

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